Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exercise and books.

Yougest is signing up for basketball...it is H.U.G.E. here....there is a team for girls her age, and she is keen, I may also sign up for some classes to get my wussy butt into motion again, I love walking in the hills, but it isn't enough....absolutely no upper body work for instance, I was in much better shape when we were living on the boat....

Looking into it all.

Chuck is following me slavishly around the apartment and is morose when I go out. Pobrecito.

On another note, the system here for getting school books is totally whacked.

Youngest's school was pretty good, you order them at the end of the school year for the next, and they school places a mass order and sells them the week before school starts. VERY expensive...not quite the same as in Canada.

Eldest's school however is not so well organised. You are given the list of books you will need in July (we were in Canada), then you have to go to the bookstore (in another town) and place an order, and then you have to go and pick them up. How convenient. Especially if you get the list the week before school starts, and then they don't have many of the books. Ho hum. We'll have to get some later....

Eldest is crushed. Not.



I just realised that I have to sign up for my Catalan class TOMORROW morning!!! with originals and photocopies!!!!!!



Boo and Trev said...

Well, it's not often I can say that the Uk school system is better. However my children were provided with books by the school, which were returned to the school at the end of the year.(in theory, anyway) What do poor children do over there?

Beth said...

And thus your "normal" life resumes... ;)

elPadawan said...

try climbing. That'll get your upper body working ;)

Anonymous said...

*groan* those school books sound like such a headache.

As for exercise, have you tried using hand-weights when you walk? I do, and although I am no athlete I find they give me the umph I need to get a decent workout.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what do poor kids do?
In Latvia they stay home!!!
In the "outback" (as an Australian friend commented last week), the kids have to walk miles to school -no school buses - and no money for expensive school books. With inflation at 20% this past year, the parents are either in total despair or finally hitting the roof.
One family - with a western ed background and financially way ahead of 98% of the population - is taking the Ministry of Education to court for denying their kids their basic rights guaranteed (but ignored) in our Constitution - the right to a free education.
Am keeping my fingers crossed!!!GM

kate said...

We got a book scholarship toward a good part of the costs of the books. Probably mostly because we are now a family of five (luckily, Dani was born a few days before the deadline for submitting the paperwork) and at the moment we only have one income. So there is help for families with financial need (and to be honest, we could have afforded them if we had to, but it was nice to qualify for the help.) Though I still think the UK/US system is much superior in that respect.

So, back to the grind!!!

oreneta said...

Boo, I think it is a much better system as well...especially since here, since the schools aren't paying, they change the textbooks, just a page or two, almost every year. You cannot even hand them on most of the time to the kids in the grade behind you and I shudder to think about the number of trees and resources that go into the production of this endless stream of books.

Beth, as normal as we get, yes indeed.

elPadawan, I used to do quite a bit of that, but here it requires a car...not a possibility. A shame because I loved it.

Trish...a big fat headache....and those weights sound like a good idea!

GM, so glad a family is taking them to court, that is totally unacceptable. Was it like that under the Russians as well?

Kate, I am glad there is a system for poor families, but I will add that it is a long way from flawless. For instance, last year when we bought the books, and the year before it was frankly a hardship, and no one mentioned the program to us, so I suspect that unless you are a fluent Spanish speaker and already part of the system, no one finds out about the scholarship opportunity...thus excluing most immigrants, probably the ones who need help the most.