Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holy cow, what a day!

BCN to MNAC (a museum) to see an exhibit of work by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and oh, heck, it read a bit like Picasso...Picarba(? that's not it) you can see I was paying close attention. They were was pretty interesting, though the commentary was a both English and Catalan.

I did get a little tired of paintings that were variations on their penises. Alright already, we know you have one, let it GOOOOOOOoooooo. It was good on the whole. Strange group of folks. It was also proof positive that the current generation was neither invented, nor has a hammerlock on freakishness. The words 'pale imitations' comes to mind.

The Ikea furniture came early and we had an orgy of assembly, which all went surprisingly smoothly, and we almost look like adults live here, it is quite amazing...and we had a friend for dinner....after all that...well, I am posting Sunday morning...the last day of summer for the girls.

And me.

I wonder how many relationships have been ruined by putting together Ikea furniture. The man and I were immune to that issue, you see, we've anchored together.


Beth said...

I find it strange the inordinate pride I take in putting together IKEA furniture.
Heads up - don't ever take it apart for a move. It will never "re-assemble" the same way.

oreneta said...

Beth, thank you for hte heads up, I have always been far too lazy for all that trouble....but should I ever get keen I now have an excuse!!!

elPadawan said...

I broke my first Canadian screwdriver assembling IKEA furniture. And the thought of men letting go of their penises is... erm... disturbing. Kinda. How're we supposed to do the babies thing, without one?