Sunday, September 28, 2008

Uh, oh, POLITICS!!!

Heather Mallick, now on CBC:

If Stephen Harper wins the next federal election, the CBC will be no more. The federal parks will close, Quebec will leave and we will get to the grocery store by horse and buggy. Drought, fire, pestilence etc. will rule the land.... I will be in my office at home,writing on this website, drinking absinthe in bed and listening to old Bowie songs from the 1980s

Please Heather, get a site feed!

Love her or hate her, well, I really like her writing; I don't always agree, of course, but she has a way of writing that I find just outrageous enough to be funny. Laugh out loud funny sometimes.

Can you imagine? McCain/Palin + Harper???? Excuse me while I go find a rock to bury my head under. That would be useful, no?

My goodness I should get onto another my first Catalan class tomorrow, or the cold my husband has given me, or how sleepy I am, the new class I have tomorrow, or that I am not going to take the work a few towns over or or or...

Naaaa I'll leave it at that,

Got a buddy whose going to get hit by Kyle tonight, good luck m'kay?



Angel said...

I love the new picture at the top!!!! wish I was there right now.....

Anonymous said...

Politics!? Economics!?

Gah - the whole thing makes me ill.

As for Heather Malick she is a great writer isn't she? She wrote a book called "Pearls in Vinegar" that I absolutely love. Just short thoughts and musings but very entertaining. A must have if you are already a fan.

Her other book "Cake or Death" was not so good but maybe worth reading too.

oreneta said...

Beth, thank was a lovely place...lots of sharks in the water and a feral boar that drank beer on the beach, better than the feral bores one normally sees. How are you doing, honey? {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

Trish, I am finding myself quite fascinated this year, like watching a train running out of control down the tracks, straight at you and yours.