Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving from grumpy to ranting.

I prefer to spend my time with folks that are basically happy.

That are fairly content in their lives.

Why am I finding this harder to acheive?

Is this age? Stage?

Glad I've got a great husbandm, some kids and a dog.

Can I just say that I am sick unto death of all the praise being lobbed around about Michael Jackson. I never liked his music, he was a pedophile, and a nut bar who held his baby out an apartment window. Few others would have gotten away with it, and I am sad he did.

Can everyone please just stop.

While I am asking for the impossible, could it please stop raining? I am such a baby about this, but I am so very tired of wet feet....

And could we turn the d*mn a/c down at work...it is freaking 10 degrees out and raining, and the a/c is roaring away.

I am sorry, I know the skinny folks feel the cold more, but does that mean we have to freeze to death YEAR ROUND in this country? I could do with a little of that Spanish sunshine right about now. Another good reason to reduce childhood obesity...and I thought we were trying to be environmentally aware....not.

Sounds like I need to go to bed.

These 5:30 am wake-up times are a little brutal.

Sounding a little cranky.

I should try and sound more positive. Here goes,

Walking the dog this morning, got soaked, but as a reward I saw a heron, some ducks and their ducklings, as well as a turtle.

The percentage of happy people at my work is improving.

Just killed a mosquito before it bit me, and the kids are both pretty happy right about now. Well, one is asleep, but generally speaking, they are fairly content at this point.

Work is going well in and of itself too, which is also very good.


If you also prefer to spend your time with basically happy people, I am sorry for this post, more in not-quite-rant mode, no?

This garbage strike? Starting to tick me right off. Just thought I'd say so. Stupid.

The idea of storing garbage in the public parks? What, do you all just hate kids? No pools, no camps, no day care and now no parks too? ANYONE THINKING IN CITY HALL?



I thought not.


Carla said...

I hear you! Especially the part about Wacko Jacko.

I like being around happy people, too.

Beth said...

Sometimes a girl's just gotta rant.

And ITA on MJ. What's up with that? He's dead and now fit to be cannonized? I don't think so.

I love me some happy folks, but I don't mind the grumpy ones too much- especially if they have legit gripes that I totally agree with.
What I hate is being around depressed people. At least crankiness has some energy behind it.

J.G. said...

Rant away, if you need to (sounds like you do!). Being away gives a new perspective on the culture, indeed. And if you can't vent here, where else?

After you've gotten the crankiness out of your system, you can focus on the happy stuff whenever you're ready.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I agree with all of it. Isn't it great to be back in Canada?

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Ah, the air conditioning thing is a gripe with me in the summer. Why do some places keep it so cold? I like my air tepid.

I don't know whether to be amused or repulsed by the Michael Jackson mania. I can't think of any celebrity whom I love so much that I would stand in the street and cry over upon his death. Society is so twisted sometimes. If only we put that much concern into issues like poverty and hunger. I suspect God looks at us sometimes and shakes his head.

mmichele said...

I'm sorry. I am part of the Michael Jackson problem.

And garbage in the parks? That is gross. How about in the parking lots?

Boo and Trev said...

The Michael Jackson thing is a bit mawkish isn't it?
Rain In TO? Binmen strikes? Sounds like TO is turning into UK in 70s and 80s - while here it is 30C and it's been an almost totally dry Wimbledon! The World has gone topsy turvy! (BTW Trev is totally with you on the rain thing. I sometimes think he's that wicked witch that disolves in rain)

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping you are deep into jetlag and don't know it.
Forget about cleaning up first,get out in your boat and just float! GM

Jason, as himself said...

Even happy people can rant. For a minute and only to select people. And then move on. So you're moving on now, right? That's what I have to tell myself to do.

swenglishexpat said...

King of Pop? Liz Taylor, what does she know about music? Soul and R&B (old style) that's what it was, not pop. But I totally agree with you about the hype. Most of his earlier hits from the eighties sounded very much the same, and he did the same dance routine over and over again. If you want to be nasty you could say that he really only produced one song and one dance!

Have people forgotten about all of his odd behaviour and his wish to become white? The one positive thing he did was to leave his dad out of the will, though. With a more understanding and decent dad Michael might have grown up to become a proper adult, not a fifty-year-old boy.

dawn said...

Sometimes misery loves company and although usually I am upbeat and like to spend my time with people of that likeness, I am feeling grumpy myself today and I want it to rain, and I think it may be now for a little while. Other than that, I am still grumpy. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

And the whole MJ is irritating me too; glad it has slowed some. Makes me sick the people who killed themselves over it. I won't write what is going on in my head about that...anywho... I am feeling grumpy too as I write. I am sure I will be better tomorrow.