Saturday, July 22, 2017


My favourite part of ebooks?  Never having to give away a book you love again. 

We're going through the storage locker, going to bring things over to Spain and so a lot is being discarded.  Ouch. 

Ebooks, read 'em and leave 'em.  That sound cold, but with the Toronto Public Library I can read them as often as I want and then just let them go.  So nice. 


elPadawan said...

eBooks are convenient indeed. But there's something about the smell of paper, though, I am glad to have my bookshelves with some good ole prints on them. The kindle is for traveling and gobbling reads. The bookshelves is for what is bound to be read and re-read :p

oreneta said...

Honestly, I am getting to prefer the ebooks in every way. Feels terrible saying that, but they are soooooo convenient! And you don't have to move them, or store them.....