Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Found!!!! Who'd a thought!!!

(small trigger warning in this one) normally a family show here but ducks can be brutal it would seem.

Chuck and I went off this afternoon for a walk and saw a bunch of mallards mating well, there was one female and a lot of males plus one randy coot and the whole thing honestly looked dreadful, it's a wonder the females don't get drowned. 

Anyway, they drifted closer to shore and partially to see better and partially to let her get a bit of air, Chuck and I went over. We were on a boardwalk over the action. The males did move off and she shook herself all over, and was looking rather bedraggled.  When another male appeared, she dove and I didn't see her for a good long while.  I remember a friend whose parents had a farm and the duck ended up in the freezer cause he kept raping the chickens.  Yeah. .

Anywhoo, I looked down off the boardwalk at the end of all this and low and behold, there was the cockpit cushion we'd lost the day before!!!!! In reach too!!!!!

We're on a river with a toich of current, never thought Id see that again, but there you go.

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