Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Two days in one

Yesterday we motored all of about 3 k to the town of Oude Wetering cause Chuck had to go to the vet.  He's grown a large hard lump on his side and we wanted it looked at.  His apt was for 7.30 pm so we haf all day in town.  It eas nicer than the place the day before, Liemuiden, but still hardly a tourist destination.  The library opened at 7pm, unfortunate as my computer is almost out of juice. I did a bunch of work, and we got sorted on wjere we're going next.

We went off to the vet who said that it is a growth, it's not a clump of fat which he'd had before and took 4 samples for biopsy.  They'll email us the results.  He was a trooper throughout.

Off today a little early and we're tied upnat a municipal dock under the runway for Schilpol airport.  On one side there's a wee bayou with masses of bird song and action, on the other. The airport and a road.

Going through Amsterdam tomorrow!!!!!

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