Sunday, April 28, 2019

In the end, we went precisely nowhere

So, yesterday we thought we'd move to a different spot.  Where we are seemed a little weird, and on the chart there's a spot on a island on a lake that looked good.  Before that though Chuck and I went for a walk, and got a better impression of the place than we previously had. We walked through the little town and out the other side and there was so little traffic (early Sunday morning after Koningsdag - kings day, a big party) that he was easily offleash on the road.

In the coutry side they make a lot of roads that are barely two lanes wide and they have dotted lines down each side marking bike lanes, but if two cars meet there's space for them to pass each other carefully.  Brilliant design.

Any, way, we were trundling along when a guy on a quad with a trailer shows up, a farmer, goes down off the road and opens a gate before buzzing back the way he came.  We got further down the road and there we saw a heard of sheep being ushered to a new pasture.  Put Chuck on leash.  He wouldn't do anything, but still.  There was a man out the front with a bucket of sheep treats and a trail of sheep behind him. A few willingly, many not. A woman was driving a car along the road to prevent strays from getting up there, the man was on the quad and another woman and two girls were herding at the back.  The sheep were reluctant to move along, great flapping of jackets and clapping.  They eventually moved past us and on we went.

Found a fort we'd seen on the map but Chuck wasn't allowed in the field to see it so we looked from the distance.

Anyway, we got back to the boat in the end, and off we went, maybe 2k to this next anchorage.  A euro a foot and the dog had to be onleash all the time.  We came right back where we started.  The forecast was for heavy rain most of the day so going on wasn't appealing.

We're ok where we are and we're moving on today.

Someone thought we should get going faster in the morning, not wait for the rain shower to pass.  Deafness... Can't tell it's raining till it lands on him.

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