Friday, May 3, 2019

A quieter day

And a bit cold.  I'd like to get out of my down coat at some point!!!!!

We weren't very ambitious today, we're motoring down the Noorhollandkanal and it is fine, though a highway runs alongside it for much of the distance which reduces the moment to moment joy.  We didn't push particularly far, and we're stopped in an OK place (highway across the canal and parking lot beside us with nowhere great to walk the dog) but, it's only a couple of kilometres from a National Park and the North Sea, so that's the agenda for tomorrow, assuming the weather isn't too dreadful.  It's supposed to be fairly yucky.

So we're tied up near a town calles Schoorl, Chuck and I went for a little walk,  but he wanted to come back after about half an hour, so I have less of a feel for the place than usual. Though we did manage to ger through all sorts of boring chores and a bunch of work which was good. Which reminds me, Spanish taxes up next.

Fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow.

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