Saturday, May 4, 2019

Dunes, a (possibly national) park

We stopped here in Schoorl deliberately because it is near this national park, which is made up of dunes and once we got to the park it was also the first time we've been above sea level in a long time!!!! 8 meters!!!!!  And I thought we were low down at our home in Catalunya.

The dunes and the park were really neat and in areas with a lot of traffic, like coming out of town, very loose very fine sand... Tough climbing

And there were hills!!!!! Good lord!!!! 

There's about a billion different trails, too many in our humble opinions honestly, but as X put it, there aren't a lot of places like this here, they may need the volume.  There was a real monoculture of pines in much of the park, which left it a little desolate, lacking bird life and diversity compared to the trees we went through as we walked to the park, which was lovely.

It's a lovely enormous park, we walked for several hours through it and even stopped at a wee restaurant for toasties!!! We're not moving on tomorrow as the library in the town we're coming up to won't be open till Monday.  Also, this is a gorgeous park and I'm going to see if I can ride my bike to the North Sea to dabble my toes.  We've seen the Baltic, now the North. 

And we'll likely take Chuck up there for another walk tomorrow too. Only disadvantage is that he has to be on leash at all times, nesting season.


Anonymous said...

That's nicer. Sunshine. the last picture looks a bit like your home hills. Admiral

oreneta said...

It does a bit