Sunday, May 12, 2019

Leiden and a stop in the country. Brrrrrrr

Well, X and I are working on adjusting to life without Chuck.  There are some hiccups, but we're getting there.  We moved on from Haarlem and made it down to a relatively random island in some fen like lakes, our only company was one reclusive guy on a power boat and some cows

It was blowing absolute stink and the wind was perishing, so in all fairness there were a huge number of boats sailing madly around outside the little bay where we were tied up, but brrrrr it was cold.  We're still getting highs of about 11 and lows around 4.  Needs to warm the f up!!!!! I love my sweater and down coat, but come on.

After spending the night there... Oh, and a little dog came along really skinny but well cared for.  Boy though, kinda wanted to keep him.  He was in reality a practiced opportunist from the neighbouring houses, coming around to see what the boaties will give him.

We headed off to Leiden this morning, squeaking under some of the bridges.  Feeling flat today, both of us. We lucked out on a place to tie up, not gorgeous in and of itself, but a reasonable walk to town and there are two lovely big parks nearby, one entirely off leash and the other partially.  Chuck would have adored it a couple of weeks ago when he was still able. 

Leiden was likeba settled middle agedvversion of Utrecht in some ways, though itbwas Sunday morning and there weren't many students about so it may be an unfair comparison.  Cool town.  Rembrandt was born here.

I had a lovely walk around them myself, bird sanctuary and farm animals, a tea house and loads of paths.  There's a 40k mtn bike path laid out.... Not as tough as it would be in Catalunya, but my tires are slick, flattish and one brake is beyond mushy, plus 40k of offroad, I'm notnquite in shaoe for that right now.  Goals.


Anonymous said...

I suppose Leiden is where the Factor 5 was identified. Get your brakes fixed! Hope it warms up. Admiral

oreneta said...

Yes!!! Exactly, they found it in Leiden. The brakes will now have to be seen to al9ng with ky worn slick tires and flat innertube, and it has warmed up a bit. Hallelujah