Wednesday, May 15, 2019

On to Den Haag

From our stop in the country we went on for a couple of hours to a stop on the side of the canal near the town of Voorschoten, where we hung out for a bit.  There was a great couple of lakes to cycle round, though my approx 20k bike ride ended with changing a completely flat front tire.  Ah well.  The innertube I put in, which already had two patches, is completely flat again.  Work to do there.

Yesterday we stayed put as I had a lot of work to do, but I did mamage a nice 2h walk in the afternoon.  The man was in heaven though as there were three different rowning clubs nearby and they all went past us when they were training.  He didn't sit still for more than a couple of minutes at a time, getting up to see who's going past!!!

This morning, we motored down to a town, Voorburg, near the Hague and took the train in.  They don't really seem to want passing boats, it's pretty complicated, but this town is lovely and its about a 10 min train ride.  So, meh.

The principle objective was to go to see the Royal Collection, wich includes primarily Dutch masters.  Thery had all their Rembrandts on display....

The Girl with the Pearl Earing

As well as this astonishing landscape of Delft

Detail here

They also had these sincerely weird creepyass wall sconces

Plus this brilliantly named street!!!!

Back to the boat via the train, a stop for portabellos for the best burgers in the world and icecream. 

Not a bad day, though I started out kinda grumpy.  Got over it though.


sea dog said...

the Delft landscape is by Vermeer?

oreneta said...

Yes, pretty sure, though I didn't read the tag that closely.