Monday, May 6, 2019

The North Sea, X2 plus 2 museums

A fairly numerical title there!!!!! Yesterday we stayed put near Schoorl because we wanted to visit the park and see the North Sea and because the museums in the town we wanted to visit further along the canal were closed yesterday which was both Sunday and Liberation Day.  And we have to pay in the town as opposed to our free dock in the countryside.  So yesterday I wanted to ride my bike down to the sea and touch the water.  The man one upped me by running down (tougher) before I went (first!!!!). It was the longest run he'd done for a while but it is a lovely route.  I rode down on my trusty steed which has rather flat tires making this rather more work than necessary.... It was lovely to be on the bike. 

That wonderful bike has been to three seas now, the Med, the Baltic and the North!!! Lovely bike.

After his very long walk the previous day and his steadily weakening hind end Chuck was a pretty mellow walking partner yesterday morning  but was gung-ho in the afternoon and we trotted down to the park entrance, where he made it clear that that was far enough, wandered around town and we came back.  A good 4.5k+ walk. 

Today he was a little wobblier, and a little tougher for him to stand up, but keen to head out this morning.  The walk was shorter than he wanted cause we were off!!!! 2 hrs or so and we're now in Alkmaar, where there are showers!!!!! Power to juice up the computer and two museums.  The cheese Museum, which was not quite as cool as it might have been,  ut was good.  The best was a video of how robot milkers work.  That was so cool.

X went off to the beer museum, which he said was pretty amateur, but you can't win em all.  Back to the boat in the rain, a nap and a shower and another dog walk.  Really nice off leash park nearby. 

Tomorrow onwards again, though likely not too fast a start in the morning.

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