Sunday, May 17, 2009


This photo by youngest.

After a weekend spent struggling with far too many tax issues, and some work stuff, and worrying about Youngest not coming back till the middle of the night (for a 10 year old), this morning we found ourselves looking at taxes again.

I also finished my fabulous book, which is always a little disappointing; I was a little blue. The Man, brilliantly, declared a beach day!


Sadly some children (who shall not be named to protect the guilty although they know who they are) managed to complain a lot about going to the beach, and managed to complain rather a lot while we were there, which made me wonder if they were actually freaky aliens beamed down from another planet. What kids complain about going to the beach, already!

We did manage to make a sandcastle, it was a challenge as the sand is quite coarse, and it dried out lickity split in the wind and sun.....

Very little sea glass, too many people lying around on top of it all.

This, however, is a little oreneta that was singing his heart out near our balcony. Despite our shared name, he wouldn't look at me; diva-like, all we get is a photo of his back.

Goodness, I love a comma today, and I have been ruthlessly removing them too!


Beth said...

Lovely photos, lovely day.

I noticed a semi-colon in there, too. Well done!

J.G. said...

Sounds like a beach day was very much in order. And isn't it great when someone else declares it?!

mmichele said...

i think your girl and my micah could have a good talk about the beach... i think they might share an opinion or two.

hulagirlatheart said...

Me complain about the beach? Never. Lovely photos.

Mar said...

I am spoiled like that and complain about going to the beach...I like it after 7pm. That's when we went, for a diet coke and a beer, ahhhhhh.

TeacherMommy said...

You have a budding photographer there. Lovely play of patterns and light!

I'm a wee bit jealous that you have weather warm enough to go to the beach and make sand castles. We're still wearing jackets around here.

Boo and Trev said...

It's always sad when your children stop enjoying childish things and you can't use them as an excuse any more. We realised it was time to give up on Pantomines when we were enthusiastically shouting out responses and Erin sat po faced like Queen Victoria! (Actually, do you have any idea of what a pantomine is? It involves a lot of audience participation)

Helen said...

We have a beach, but not dry or warm enough to sit on. Saturday I decided to not walk the dog on the beach because the wind was way too strong. hey - it's summer!

oreneta said...

Beth, you liked that? I like a semi-colon myself.

JG, it is so great when someone else declares it, and a beach day is always a good day.

Mmichele, there you go, there are other kids who hate the beach!

Hula, I knew you weren't one of them.

Mar, we are also spoiled, used to beaches five miles long with no one on them but us. It was too hot...

Teachermommy...I love Spain in many ways.

Boo and Trev, I do know what a pantomime is as the girls have been taken to them. I gather it involved cross-dressing as well.

Helen...lovely summer weather in the British Isles...Brrrrrr. Does the dog love the beach? All those lovely stinky things to roll in!