Wednesday, May 6, 2009



European cup finalists!!!!


The euphoria was impressive, loud, long and explosive.


Slept well last night after the excitement died down, I was very good and went to bed when I really kind of wanted to go to watch the game, however two hours in a smokey bar screaming my head off would probably not have been a good idea.

There is a next time, so.....


Mar said...

Força Barça!!! The game was on tv at home, I sat down to watch it at the very end, right on time!

J.G. said...

Sports euphoria can be fun! Glad you will get to take part next time.

Beth said...

So, it took an "explosive" sports event to make you sleep well! Glad to hear something worked.
And congrats to your team!

oreneta said...

Mar, I have to confess that I went to bed! I wanted to go watch the game, but I was sick and getting sicker....I heard it all though, the man came back from the bar and told me all, and they the festivities in town! HOURS of cars going around beeping their horns and blasting off fireworks..OMG! Imagine if they win the final!

Beth...I did sleep well, needed to is nice living in a town that wins sometimes, after TO and the Leafs...sad, but true.