Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little more about the Barça win

An experience and nine tenths.

Can I just say that it was really really freaking LOUD!

Every bar was full, but they also opened up the local sports center, set up a GIANT tv and Rolling Stones Concert worthy sound system that they simply turned up to 10.

Then there were the people screaming, the horns blowing, including air horns like on a boat, the whistles....


We all definitely incurred some permanent hearing damage last night. Good thing it doesn't happen often.

That first goal? They were h y s t e r i c a l.

Completely mad with happiness.

Like nothing on this earth I have ever seen before. The place was full...completely, all of them screaming with their arms over their heads, hugging, yelling...I have never before seen a couple of thousand people try to hug each other simultaneously. Never.

We were too.

Ronaldo? He probably shouldn't come to BCN on vacation for a bit. Boy are they hating him right now.

It has left me with several memories seared into my mind, and some questions too.

I am too sleepy tonight to get into the questions at this point, maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not we watched the second half. Man U were pathetic.
Yeah Barca

Sea Dog

Beth said...

The beauty of sports - they connect us - enthusiastically and loudly!


egaliede said...

My god, but it *was* intense! Walking through Vic, everyone on the streets was screaming and honking horns.

I hope your sleep wasn´t too interrupted. Horns were still honking here at 10 AM.

oreneta said...

Man U were pathetic...and Ronaldo was a jerk. Visca Barça!!!

Beth, YES! I so love that you are shouting at me.... was certainly intense, though they shut up shop rather earlier here.....

J.G. said...

C.S. and I were trapped in the airport with a weather delay (long story) but lots of people were glued to the t.v. (even here in the states, where soccer is not so big). We thought about you!!