Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks to Jesus and his Mom.

His Grandma was there too.

This is the truita Jesus and his Mother made:

Classic amazing and delicious. I watched them make this sucker.

They were so incredibly nice. Honestly fabulously kind.

They said that if mind didn't turn out when I tried, I could come by and cook it there with them.

Don't think I'll be needing to, do you?

Thank you Jesus.


She said...
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She said...

That looks so yummy! I love that his name is Jesus!

That first photo is stunning. Love the lighting and the placement. Nice composition.

As for your question, I'm going to Korea for a month. (It's not Italy, but I think it will be an awesome adventure!) I was invited by the UCLA Writing Project to be one of 20 teachers to implement a creative writing program there -- all expenses paid and a sizable stipend to boot! We'll do lots of writing and then do quite a bit of touring as well. I'm looking for monasteries I can visit while I'm there, since I'm loving exploring a more contemplative lifestyle.

I'm thrilled! ;-)

Beth said...

Your last line?
I was expecting a “Halleluiah” to follow!

oreneta said...

She, what an absolutely fabulous trip!!!! Jealous!

Beth, if I was sure I could spell it, I might have...

Jason, as himself said...

This is SO not what I was expecting this post to be about.


Mar said...

Congrats on your truita!! now all we need is the Champions title to be completely happy

oreneta said...

Jason, psyche!

Mar, yipee no? The 27th....eeekkkk