Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nothing post......

I know this is trite, and something that I should already know, but can I just say that my entire outlook on life and the world changes RADICALLY if I have had enough sleep.

TOTALLY a happier person.

The man is going to be going on a trip for work this weekend, which is totally not our normal thing, so we are all kind of excited about to cold and chilly northern northern Europe!


He should have a blast. I hope, I hope he has enough time to see some of the city..

I am about to dive into the ugly cess pit that is local politics in a small town. EEEKKKKKKK. I have been asked to join the group that manages the local theater, the two local galleries and a bar.

They seem to have formed factions within the current group....some for things, some agin everything, and a lot of folks doing nothing at all.

I am somewhat nervous, the logistics of small town politics is TOTALLY new to me, and I suspect I will find it somewhat distastefull, plus I just don't want to end up on one side or it is in a different culture, and it is all in Catalan to boot.

Ho hum.

I can always play the language card and not understand some things.

There will certainly be more about this coming up.

For those of you who might be wondering about how I am doing (HI MOM!) Slept well, feeling much better, and I have an impressivly wheezy sounding smokers cough...though it is infrequent. I wore a scarf most of the day and it was downright HOT here today. I was a good girl and didn't go to a wildly smokey bar and scream my head off last night for the game, so I can talk and feel pretty good today...

The final though? I am SO there.

Nice to live in a place with a winning team, and when people are so incredibly passionate about it. There is no economic crisis today in BCN, EVERYONE is happy, and the kids were LOUD!


fiftywan said...
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Anonymous said...

I totally am with you on the sleep thing. What a wonderful invention :)

J.G. said...

Oh, my, I am so looking forward to hearing about your foray into local politics!

All clubs and groups are very much alike, just as you have described. Keep that language card handy.

Meanwhile, glad to hear you slept well at last and hope your cough is better.

Jason, as himself said...

You ain't kiddin' about the right amount of sleep making life seem SO much better.

You better keep getting a good night's rest each and every night if you're getting involved in local politics. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

That is SUCH a HUGE compliment and step and sign that you got invited into local politics - wow!!! soon they will be treating you like their adopted (slightly alien) child ;-) go girl!
And just wanted to tell you how much I loved:
"Optimistic, determined, ferocious and enthusiastic." you to a tee!
10. Guilty pleasure? I don't do guilt. - same comment! Love it!
hope you are feeling better..

Beth said...

A winning team? Not since the Jays won the World Series. Sigh.Glad you're feeling better - and you will be a tremendous asset to local politics!
(We all know how crucial a good sleep is - we're just always amazed at the actual results of getting one...)

Anonymous said...

WOW - as if you didn't have enough on your plate as it is, woman.
But then, once a crusader, always a crusader!
Get plenty of sleep, eat a good meal before you go to a meeting, and let's hope you get lots of satisfaction from it all. GM

Helen said...

Like Joanne said - real compliment to be invited to join the theatre, and it means that your hard work to become part of the community has clearly paid off. You are being part of the community who doesn't speak Catalan 100% instead of an outsider. Brilliant.

Sleep is good.

Carla said...

This should be good... I especially like the idea of playing the language card. practice with me.... What do I think??? I am so sorry, they were speaking so fast I only picked up part of it. heheheheh!

Anonymous said...

Bon dia!

I just found your blog - I´m from Ottawa and now living for a short-ish while in my guy´s home town of Vic, and was looking for others in the same situation.

I laughed my ass off at "nice to live in a place with a winning team"!

oreneta said...

ElP, Sleep is fabulous....the best. Why don't we get more of it?

JG, I am now in the process of being approved for the group. Lets see what happens.

Jason, I am trying to commit to getting a good nights sleep every single day...I am not too good at it though...

J-VLF, You are just the best my dear, love ya.

Beth, remember that? Joe Carter's hit! It was so wonderful....

GM, we'll have to wait and see.....and sleep!

Helen, I'll have to ask you for advice, you must be fairly experienced at working your way through the local politics.....

Carla, liar liar pants on fire....! It'll be fun....I guess.

Bon dia anon. Vic is supposed to be beautiful, I've never made it back.....are you enjoying yourself?