Friday, May 8, 2009


More on the school...

I went to the web site for the school.

There were some telling absences. When I clicked on the link for annual planning. I got one of those "404: Not Found" pages.

No guff.

I clicked on the link for mathematical materials and plans, guess what I found for Eldest's grade? Yeah! You're right!!!

"404: Not Found"

Maybe they are trying to tell us something.

Can I also say that some people here, when creating websites, seem to have forgotten that they aren't writing on paper.

You see, one of the really funky things about the, ya know, the that we can do this really cool thing, you can make links!


On another note,

Youngest is back!!!

She is also tired and cranky...but either way, it is nice to have her back after three days away.

I had a mammogram booked for yesterday. I left BCN at noon, but at 1:45 I was still standing outside the train station in the town I had to go to....the apt was for 1:30. I bailed. I had to get to work before 4 and I wasn't going to make it.

I have to reschedule again.

The highlights of the yesterday....youngest coming home and also I got to meet Mar!!! and meet Diane again!!!!


Coffee and a chat, in English!

Had a nap today, and went off to the Doc for my worsening cold...seems I have neither bronchitis nor pneumonia, but I now do have anti-biotics!


kate said...

Hmm, I hope you feel better soon. (I won't say that I hope it's not you-know-what, because it's not, of course not...) I was just reading something on the internet about how the Spanish are the most antibiotic-happy people in Europe, and this is the origin of a huge number of antibiotic-resistant mutations. Not that I'm implying that you don'r actually need antibiotics. Gee, I should probably just keep my mouth shut, huh? Oh well.

Oh, wait a minute, not that this applies to you, (and again, maybe I should just shut up) but over the past several years I have developed increasing episodes of chest/lung issues that take forever to go away, aren't helped noticebly by mucus thinners, etc. Well, it occured to me this year that it is probably due to allergies, and now I am entirely convinced that this is the case. I'm on an inhaler now but the pollen counts around here (not to mention the dust in my house... ooops) are pretty high all spring so I haven't been able to go off it yet. Anyway, my allergies have always been of the hay fever sort so I didn't associate this with allergies, but there you go.

Good luck with the school woes... Yuck.

oreneta said...

Kate, I was wondering about that, because the pollen here is astonishing...visibly astonishing, I have a photo of youngest in a CLOUD of pollen as she is shaking the branches. It looks like smoke. Also I was watching the stream of people going from the the pharmacy....everyone who went in to the Doc, went over there with their little bit of paper, I had to wonder....

Beth said...

With tongue in cheek, you should offer to fix the errors on their web site – those particular 404s are very revealing...
Hope the antibiotics work – when all else fails – wonder drugs!

oreneta said...

Beth, that did occur to me, oh so tempting.

Mar said...

Sorry to hear you missed your appointment. Hope the rescheduled one is for 2009...
It was delightful to meet you two, it was a fun morning coffee. I only hope you get well soon so that you can sing along when Barça wins those three titles:
Copa-Liga-Champions (sing it after Queen's "We will, we will rock you")