Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speaking of fashion

Now, far be it from me to claim that I am a fashion goddess, but somehow I think this outfit was misjudged.

Butt cleavage? Check.

Tag showing? Check.

Wildly mismatched bra/shirt combo? Double check.

Someone needs to check the back view in the mirror me thinks.


She said...

That's hilarious! (in a very sad and pathetic kind of way!)

Beth said...

As a fashion statement, I wonder what she's trying to say? And if she ever did check the back view, she'd probably think it was fine - just the look she's going for.

oreneta said...

She, I do feel a little mean, posting that photo...though it is also so WEIRD.

Beth, I agree, it was probably deliberate, though I have to confess that makes it even weirder in a way.

Beth said...

You are so right. That look's a complete fail on multiple levels.

BTW-In Spain do the young guys wear their pants down low in order to show off their underpants? It's caught on a bit around here. In Switzerland yesterday, we saw a guy in his 20's with his pants hanging off almost to his knees. He had to waddle and looked just like a baby with a loaded diaper. And the sad thing is , he thought he was so COOL.
They call it UNDERwear for a reason, folks.

oreneta said...

It started in the US prison system, they take the belts away from the inmates so they cannot do, well, lots of things with them, so then the gangstahs started wearing them, as a badge of honour that they had been to prison, and I think to show that they were so tough the didn't need to be able to run...then it entered Rap/house/hip-hop culture and from there spread far and wide.

To me, they do look like they need their nappies changed.

Sadly it is still quite popular here....fingers crossed that it fades before the no undies thing catches on.

elpadawan said...

at least, no hair in the butt cleavage :)