Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sometimes life gets just a little weird. I went down to the market to pick up some fruit and veg for the week, and bought all sorts of lovely goodies including some chard.

I took it all home and put the chard into the sink to wash and soak, this stuff really comes from the earth and sometimes comes with a lot of dirt, some ants, a snail...

Now, as a bit of background for the next part of the story, Spain is hot. Spain is dry. Spain is arid. Even in the spring.

When I took the chard out of the sink to put it into the pot look who was in there:

That's right.

Tadpoles, in the chard.


Fortunately we have neighbours with a pond, and we made a little excursion over there to liberate them. These little guppies had one heck of a rough day. Our working theory is that there was a puddle of water in the base of the chard where the stems grow out and the frogs had, in some considerable desperation, laid their eggs in there.

My life is very strange sometimes.


hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! Tadpoles in the Chard--Sounds like a dish you'd pay lots of money for in a fancy restaurant.

She said...

Good thing your neighbors have a pond and you were able to liberate them!

Could have been a delicacy, though, like hulagirl said! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the chard was kept in a pail of water/had water thrown on it on the way to the market and the water came from a pond? The different sizes of your guests make me think they didn't all come from the same batch of eggs. What did your neighbours think of your rescue efforts?GM

Anonymous said...

hope they'll grow into magnificent frogs, and you'll see them again later :)

Beth said...

Your life is indeed very strange at times.
Gotta ask - did you still eat the chard?

Anonymous said...

Ummmm... didja ever think maybe they are coming out of the kitchen tap? :-)
See you tomorrow!

oreneta said...

Hula, I don't think my kids would go for that at all.

She, good thing indeed, good neighbours and a handy pond! A rare thing in Spain.

GM, That is an interesting thought! A bucket! The neighbour has kids and a die hard organic loving husband, not the tadpole murdering types.

ElP, here's hoping!

Nomad, NOW you are thinking right outside the box aren'tyou!?!??

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Aren't you glad you washed that chard now? That's one scarey bunch of greens. I would be feeling frogs in my innards for days, nay weeks!