Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leftover ponderings, as opposed to pondering leftovers.

I am still dwelling on the excitement of the game.

Everyone was exited, but young men were the ones who were really really really over the top hysterical excited, and I cannot quite figure out why.

The looks on their faces were like nothing else, they were so utterly happy; no. Ecstatic. Different from the day they get married, or their children are born, a manic edge of ecstasy that is unique to these kinds of events.

I get it that there is a certain amount of gregarious victory; that there is a certain amount of tribal pride; here there is a fair amount of nationalism bound up in it.

I get that young men feel compelled to prove themselves and in today's culture there are far fewer clearly defined means of doing so.

I get that they want and need heroes and mentors to emulate.

I still just don't quite get it.

The emotions run



Beth said...

You are spot on with your “ponderings.” I think men need to identify with macho figures (and sports heroes fit the bill) as well as with the thrill of battle. Hence, the fights that often erupt between fans at (some) games. But better that than engaging in even more “real” wars.

oreneta said...

Beth, I thought you might have something to contribute as a Leafs fan and with three boys....

it is a weird thing, and definitely better done vicariously.....

She said...

I think sports watching provides for a safe and acceptable place to emote strong feelings that may not be expressed elsewhere -- at least I think men believe that it would be unacceptable elsewhere!

Women are better at expressing emotions and it being okay.