Saturday, May 30, 2009

A little bit of everything.

What a day.


Youngest won her last basketball game of the season, they came third in their league! GO YOUNGEST!

Cafe-d around BCN today and shopped at this incredibly cool used clothing store with my friend and her nearly six year old and we had a GREAT time....I was restrained, mostly.

Walked in the hills with a crowd, babysat two of my three godchildren, had a fabulous lunch (thankyou Nomad and Family!)

And eldest is sick.

Visited the local health center too, and moved all the kids around so the sick one wouldn't infect any others.

What a day.

Fun and full and it feels like about three days.

You know how that happens? The morning seems impossibly far away.


Hope you're having a great one.

OH I also have to wonder about the second Easter thing....Monday is Segona Pasqua, and theologically I am having a little trouble with the idea...I mean how many times can you rise from the dead? Honestly, I don't get it....I suppose I should wiki it and then I would know.


Beth said...

You probably did pack three days worth of events into one!
I’m wondering what, “I was restrained, mostly” means??

Hope your Eldest is okay and that the bug doesn't spread...

Anonymous said...

That's the pentecost you're talking about ;). Can be called Second Easter, but it's not the Second resurrection :p