Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nothing like a little truth.

One of the great things about being a language learner is that you get to say all those things you would normally edit out, or sugar coat because you are expected to use more nuanced language skills.

(freakily, my computer isn't giving me a cursor right now, so this is a little like invisible writing!)

Eldest's tutor, who is actually quite dedicated, occasionally irritating and essentially excellent phoned me today. A tutor here is not what you think, but rather the teacher who is assigned a particular group of kids who they are required to track and make sure that all things are going tickityboo.

We got talking about the upcoming four day-three night field trip her school is going on, which is actually pretty cool, involving a trip to some ruins, a marsh, kayaking and windsurfing.

Eldest does NOT want to go.

After our experiences with the school, I am not at all sure, so she is not going.

Eldest is very sure, she does not want to go.

I ended up talking to the tutor as this trip is somewhat obligatory. The excellent part though? I got to say, straight out, that:
we don't trust the school enough to send her.
(Can I just say that it felt GREAT)

I did soften it by saying that I trusted her individually, but we don't know many of the teachers, and this has not been exactly a good year.

The conversation ended up being really pretty cool in the end, and we got talking about some issues that needed airing, and which I thought might not be brought up at all; some of the challenges that Eldest is facing on a number of it was all good.

Can't believe I got to say that straight out, no minced words.

It was....sweeeeeeeet.


Beth said...

Sounds like there’s someone with some common sense at the school – and with whom you have a rapport. That’s gotta help.

J.G. said...

Awesome! You got it just right: truthful, direct, non-negotiable, and softened a little so it didn't seem personal to the tutor herself.

No doubt Eldest is proud (and relieved) that you took care of it for her.

She said...

Sounds like a very wise choice not to go! It would be harder if Eldest wanted to go, so I'm glad she doesn't --although that also makes me sad because she shouldn't have to feel like not wanting to go. Ahhh.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the good ole "Sorry, I'm still learning the language, your mother is a big hippo, how do you do to?" trick :D

oreneta said...

Beth, yes, she is good. Sadly she will be teaching a totally different grade next year.

JG, she is, though it doesn't stop her from being lippy!

She, it is sad that she doesn't want to go....she is having some challenges with this. is GREAT....the opportunities! Love your comment, it made me laugh.