Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pulling it off.

Sometimes I can manage it so that everyone is happy.

It doesn't happen often....

but I kept on kicking away at it, and I. Got. It. Done.

I have successfully booked direct flights to Toronto! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

The dog is coming with us.

The kids are both happy.

The man is happy,

Our friends in TO are happy,

The dog will be happy,

I am happy,

and it costs less.

I even managed to swing it so that youngest can still be here for her end of year party.


Sometimes it does pay to keep hammering your head up against a problem.

Barça has just pulled ahead in the Copa del Rei, the Spanish Cup final. Score is now 3- 1!

Some doofus just threw something at one of the players, he got chucked out, and the other fans were pointing him out to the cops....good on them, get rid of the dork.


Beth said...

Rocky! You go with your bad self!!! and chuck will be very happy not to be left behind.

Beth said...

Happiness all around. Good for you!
(Hope your team wins - more happiness...)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Girl power! It was worth it, but how did you manage the dog too?! How long are you gone for? Inquiring minds want to know...

Jason, as himself said...

Direct flights across the pond to your final destination. That's a big reason to celebrate!

J.G. said...

Quite an accomplishment! Sometimes the "little" things turn out to be not-so-little.

Sorry about the comments button. Why won't it let you talk? (Let me see if I blocked you by mistake??? Never intentionally!)

J.G. said...

Nope, can't tell anything about the comments from this end. Your photo has not shown up for a while, but the others are there. Wonder if it is your computer that's upset with us?

hulagirlatheart said...

Yea!! Write it down. Everything falling into place won't happen again for another ten years. Savor the moment. :)

C.S. said...

I'm making a return trip to TO in June on another baseball assignment. But I couldn't find any direct flights. Lucky you!

Helen said...

Excellent - all the hard work paid off, which it doesn't always.

oreneta said...

Beth! Sometimes it works...the photo on your blog has left me somewhat speechless honestly...I cannot imagine you ending up like that....and I feel bad for her.

Beth ! THEY DID!!!!

Bodhi, we will be in Canada for nearly three months, and the dog can fly in the hold in a cage. We did it once before, but they lost him for a while in Zurich. It was a wee bit stressful. We swore to only fly a well known British airline, who have a fantastic reputation, and the price tag to go along with it, so we were going to leave the dog here, and we were searching for a viable alternative, even found one, when I discovered this flight....YEAHOOOOO

Jason, it is indeed, we had six hour layovers...better than the desperate sprint we normally end up doing, but still dreadful.

JG,honestly, sometimes the little things are big....and I got to COMMENT on your blog today! Yeah!
Then I was nosey. Forgive me, m'kay?

OMG Hula, a decade? You may be right, but I'll hope for sooner....

CS, I get there the end of June....these hub airports are not always all that much fun, are they.

Helen, no it doesn't honestly, but I am also pretty darned determined upon occasion.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! Now you don't need to buy a private jet anymore, I suppose ;)

C.S. said...

I'm there mid-June and will tell them to roll out the red carpet upon your arrival.