Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two sides.

Here's a question.

Do you give out peoples phone numbers and e-mail addresses to people if they ask for them?

I don't. I offer to pass the message on, or pass the number of the person asking on.

Seems that is not the system here. My friends happily give out my number to everyone and anyone, and my e-mail address too. Not totally happy about this. A little privacy please ladies and gentlemen.

That said, I am happily feeling very much part of the poble this weekend, despite my so-so Catalan. I cannot even count the number of people that we ran into that we know. I contentedly spent the entire weekend here in town, busy and happy. It is not a big town.

I went over to two peoples houses, watched two excellent basketball game (YEAH TEAM!) and went to the theater, as well as a cafe, and several walks in the mountains. Also I know a whole lot more gossip, and visited a four hundred year old house that is going to be radically renovated someday soon.....

Feeling really at home.



J.G. said...

I usually opt for the "I'll give them a message for you" method. Or I try to delay any response at all until I've contacted the person in question and gotten permission, as in "So-and-so wants your e-mail. Okay with you if I give it to him/her?" I think that's reasonable. But not everyone is this cautious, as you know!

And in a small town, everyone knows your business anyway???

Beth said...

Only those of family members to other family members who have (somehow??) lost or misplaced them.
Glad you're feeling at home!
(Home is where the heart is...)

Katrina said...

I'm glad you're feeling "at home" but when are you coming home?

Beth said...

it's nice to feel "at home"

if I know the person REALLY wouldn't mind, then I'll pass on a phone number or address....but otherwise, I ask first. I know I don't want my cell number out there for everyone...I hate to talk on the phone! ;)

Beth said...

ITA with you! I always check before giving out contacts, unless I'm REALLY already sure it's ok.

I'm certainly glad you are really feeling like "one of the locals"-ish. That's a good, good thing!

oreneta said...

JG, my option too, and while they may know my business, that doesn't mean I want them calling me about it....

Beth, same same!


Beth, I am so with you....talking on the phone...meh, I am even starting to dislike e-mail now too,

Beth...It is nice to fit in, and I am so glad I am not alone in not giving out numbers and addresses.

She said...

I always ASK first!

Sometimes I WISH I had asked myself FIRST before giving out my own phone number and/or email. Such a dork, I am, sometimes!