Sunday, May 3, 2009


Local team played football on the weekend, this was a relatively high league, they looked to be about 24, 25 years old. It was actually a pretty close game, not too bad. Maybe not as good as the Barça win last night, but still pretty good. This seems to have been the best part of all though as far as the kids are concerned.

Why they water an artifical field at half time, I do not understand. If anyone knows I'd love to hear it.

The home team scored the winning goal in the last minute and the joy was impressive. They all, even the guys in the stands, ran down and did a massed hug. Hilariously the other team were all laying despondently on the ground, in attitudes of prayer or death.

It's a game, boys, a game.

I can never get used to the bad overacting in football/soccer. Bunch of princessas faking and diving for penalties. Bugs me still.

In one of youngest's basketball games a little tiny slip of an 8 year old girl hurt her finger and was crying on the court. The ref didn't notice and so didn't stop the game. Suddenly she had the ball. She dribbled it all the way down the court and took a shot on the net before stopping again. You could see her sobbing as she ran. Still sobbing after she took the shot.

Those men need to take a lesson or two.


Beth said...

How did girls/women ever get the rep for being sissies and drama queens? The guys have us beat by a mile on that score.
We are tough!

She said...

"despondently on the ground, in attitudes of prayer or death" that cracked me up! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh the lessons boys could learn . . .

oreneta said...

Beth, so very very true.

She, thank you, honestly, particularly today for the concrete positive feedback. Most very completely welcome. You rock.

Trish, it's true, we could start a list and a half, no?