Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy! Boig!

I was talking to a man here who was telling me about when he sold his house, before the crash.  He said that the negotiated with several agents, and finally cut a deal with a company.  The agreement was that they would put his house on the market for €xxx,xxx.xx and if it hadn't sold in a year, they would buy it themselves for that price.

Estava xarrant amb un home aquí, i m'està explicant com va vendre la seva casa.  Abans del crisi.  Em va dir que va parlar amb uns quants immobilàries i al final van fer un acord que deia que l'immobilari vendria la seva casa per €,xx i si no haguessis venut en un any, l'immobilari la comprarà, els mateixos.

I simply cannot imagine doing this.  These people are utterly NUTS.  It also explains, if this is a general practice, why it is that houses sit on the market so long without the price dropping.

Simplement, no ho puc imaginar, fent així.  Estan absolutament boigs!  Explica també com és, sí això passa sovint, que les cases queden per vendre per tant de temps sense baixen el preu.

A recipe for bankruptcy.
Una recepte per insolvència.


elpadawan said...

Well, when the market is going well, such an argument appeals to the seller, who will feel more inclined to make a deal with that company. And the company doesn't take a big risk as long as the housing bubble... bubbles.
Of course, that's when the bubble bursts that things go haywire. But we all know that.

Beth said...

Equally crazy – houses around here are selling within 2-3 days and at unbelievable prices! (Yeah, yeah, I should sell now…but not quite ready for more upheaval…)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You know, there is a major, local real estate group in my neighborhood and there have been a few houses for sale for waaaaaay too long. And this company's motto is - but one of our houses and we will buy yours! I have often wondered why some houses go quickly and others sit for a year or more. Of course there is story behind every house but still.... Interesting what you wrote. Now I am going to GACK and try to figure out the code that "proves I'm not a robot". Blogger CHANGE THIS PLEASE!

oreneta said...

That same real estate agent is bankrupt now, after assuring the seller that prices could NEVER go down. Silly dork.

I don't want to know!!!! We sold our house a while ago, and it isn't any point wondering how much more we would have gotten had we held out longer....we also wouldn't be in the lovely house we're in now. My point? Sometimes you have to pay attn to the market, but more, to yourself.

The ones that sit for years? They're asking more than anyone is willing to pay for that house, simple as that. Even if the house is on a nuclear waste site with a jail next door, price it low enough, and it'll move. I thought the captcha's are better now, great, no, but better.