Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The amazing and wonderful Kate. La Kate, la meravellós i fantàstic

I got a visitor today.....the wonderful Kate!
He tingut una convidada fantàstic Kate!

What some of you may not know about her is that she is an acupuncturist!  I've never had acupuncture, and I have to say that it was utterly fantastic.  My ankle feels much better (which she said often happens, and that I am NOT to start dancing and running just cause it feels so much better).
Potser no tots de vosaltres sabeu que està una acupuncturista!  No he utilitzat acupuncture mai i haig de dir que a mi ha anat molt bé.  La meva turmell em sento força millor (que m'ha dit la Kate passa sovint i que no pugui anar ni a ballar ni a córrer simplement perquè em trobo millor)

No problem.  I am totally focused on the weekend.
Cap problema.  Estic guardant tot pel cap de setmana. 

I am also quite a bad blogger and failed to take a photo of my foot with the three needles in it.  Didn't hurt at all, they are SUPER fine and thin.
M'he trobat, a mi mateix, que no sóc una bona blogger.  Saps perquè?  No he fet ni un foto del meu peu amb les agulles.  No feien mal tampoc.  Son SUPER prims.

What else. Què més?

Donations still open:  Here for Chuck, here for me $5??? It's a deal at 5 cents a kilometer.
Encara podeu ajudar:  Aquí per en  Chuck, i aquí per me €5????  Es un molt bon preu!  Només 5 centimets per kilòmetre!

Oh, I saw this on line, felt like a bit of an affirmation of the optimism and delight we can bring to each other with a little risk and effort.
I també, vaig veure això al internet.  M'ha deixat amb un sentit d'optimisme i alegria que podem portar als altres amb molt poca risc ni esforç.

 Good fun.  Divertit.


thecatalanway said...

Very happy to come over and see you. Thank you for such a lovely post.
Happy Birthday too!!! I'd have brought a cake to go with the needles if I'd known.
Fingers and toes crossed for the weekend!

lots of love Kate x

oreneta said...

kate! It was such a delight to see you. Honestly it was wonderful. Getting excited about the weekend, I have to say.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Let's hear it for Wonderful Kate and incredible acupuncture! Riley and I go for seasonal adjustments and Riley has six-week adjustments from September through May. It is an amazing energy medicine and I hope your ankle continues to feel the effects so as to get you through your walk this weekend. I am sure you will do well, Chuck will also ace it. I do wish I could have spent some time with both you and Kate but will have to content myself with virtual shmoozing for the the time being.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What?!!!! I didn't hear about the birthday! So happy one to you Oreneta! It is never to late to receive wishes or celebrate.

oreneta said...

Kim, we are so indeed going to have to all get together at some time. Vacation in Spain my dear??? and thanks on the good wishes! Always nice to hear.