Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am feeling overwhelmed trying to write this up. Em trobo enfonsda intentant d'escriure aquest passeig

Which is silly.  Que està una mica tonta.

I am going to add the rest of the Catalan later though.  I am getting too tired tonight.

So, here goes.  We went up to Olot on Sat evening so that we could leave bright and early the next morning.  The hotel was fine, nice and clean and just renovated, the people very friendly and it was VERY close to the start point of the walk.

His Chuckiness and I walked a couple of hundred yards up the walk just to get our bearings, and saw this:  

Then we went into Olot and we saw this:

And this:

The next morning on the way out of Olot we saw this:

The path we took goes along an old railway line, and in places this was quite clear.


About 2K out Chuck found the first cow pat - thankfully, the only cow pat. See?  EEEEWWWwwwww  That's what happens when you have to put the leash on.

Fortunately I found this font nearly immediately.

Then the route flattened out a lot.  There are mountains in the background, but it was a very cloudy misty day.

This was slightly depressing, but fortunately it happened early while I was still fresh.  The other thing I didn't like was the mile markers, well, km markers and half markers.  When you have so far to go, it is not uplifting.  I prefer something of a float happily in the moment and don't think of the miles and km to go, nor hours, just enjoy where you are.  It's good that way.

This is a really fun copy of this painting, by a much esteemed and beloved Catalan painter.  I adore it too.  

This is a fantastic bicycling route so there were a lot of bike themed paintings, like this one at a highway underpass:

This one is fuzzy because the shot off the warning gun as I took the picture, and I think I jumped more than the anti-shake could manage.  Lining up for the start!

These ones are swinging around the back to meet up with the start, they have about 10 min to go.

Coming out of that town, into more fields, rolling more now, with beautiful mountains in the background.

The track is now going up the only hill on the route, 2 k of gentle climbing.  Chuck in the foreground.

Through a cut.  There were a number of these, and they were very cool.

Poppy season here.

Now, this last picture for today was on the way down from the Coll d'en Bas, the only hill.  Look closely at those marks in the concrete.  They tell what I thought was a funny story.  See if you can guess.  


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures :). How is your thumb?

For the last one, I would think cyclists riding while it was still fresh, only to slosh in the thing in surprise (hence the footprint)?

thecatalanway said...

That is so lovely - I want to go! It looks like perfect walking and you did have good grey weather. Was there no thunder and lightning? Does this route have a name as I might take a look at it for Bonnie and me - but not the whole thing like you fit ones!
love Kate x

Beth said...

Such a beautiful route – I would have enjoyed walking it.
Too bad Chuck couldn’t have taken some photos of you. ;)

oreneta said...

ElP, got it in one!!!!

Kate, it was...you and Pep should go up to Olot some time....the walking near there is stupendous.

Beth....yeah, there are about 6 photos of me from the last year....honestly.