Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Went to the MOUNTAINS again today! He anat a les MUNTAYES avui!!

So, the continuation of the story of the weekend's walk will have to wait.  Per això, l'historia del cap de setmana haurà d'esperar.

Cause I was at the hairdresser's on Tue getting my hair dressed (cut) and he was telling me about this break up the week walk he was going to do with a friend (and fellow hairdresser.  They were going to leave super early Wed morning, climb Puig Mal (2911 M) and come back for lunch.  I asked, slightly pathetically, if I could come and he said YES!!!!!

Mira, estava al perruqueria dimarts i el pello m'explicava que al següent dia anirà al muntanya amb un amic seu i tornaran abans de dinar.  Patèticament, preguntava si podria venir jo. Em va dir que SÍ!!!!

I borrowed walking sticks from a friend and checked out the climb with a couple of experienced types I know, and it all seemed very doable.  Not technical at all, just a walk at high altitude.  And it was and it was MARvelous.....
Un altre amic em va deixar bastons i preguntava algunes muntanyers amb experiència si fos una bon idea i van dit que sí, que no és una ruta tècnica, simplement un paisatge amb altitud.  Era un dia fantÀstic....

Below?  The view from the parking lot.  If you're going to climb a mountain and be back for lunch, you have to start high.  Aquesta foto a baix és del parquing.  Si vols pujar una muntanya i tornar per dinar, has de començar ben alt.

Climbing higher, we are actually still pretty low at this point.  Best we didn't know.  Aquí estem pujant, i encara estem ben baix.  Millor que no vam saber.

Made it over the first bump.  Hem superat la primera puig.

My hairdresser brought his dog who had a BLAST!  El gos del meu pello va venir i tenia un dia espectacular.

There he is!  Chucky didn't come.  Mita'l!  En Chuck no va venir.

SNOW!  I haven't seen snow in years, so this was pretty neat.  It ws 1º at the parking lot and got a great deal colder as we went up. Neu!  No ho he vist per molts anys.  Guia.  Feia 1º al parquing i molt més fred més amunt.

French Pyrenees in the background.  Els pirineus de França al fons.

The top, what you cannot see is the wind that was HOWLING around.  El cim, que no podeu veure és el vent!  Hi havia MOLT.

The view going down.  Baixant.

A little flower by the hotel in the Vall de Nùria.  Unes flors a prop del hotel en Núria.

Walking back towards the car.  A very nice walk in and of itself.  Tirant cap al cotxa a Font Alba.  Un paissatge molt maca.

More views on the walk back.  Més vistes.

Looking up towards where we were, kinda, tough place for a girl to have a pee if she's out walking with two guys.  Aquest és la vista cap amunt, nuvolat.  Un lloc una mica difícil si ets una dona amb dos homes i vols fer pipi. 

Look who we saw on the drive out!  Cute overload.   I mira qui vam trobar quan estàvem baixant amb cotxe.

Also, I have a fancy new Garmin GPS watch thing-y (thanks M and D!) so if you click here, you can find out ALL about it.  (the highest speed?  I must have been stumbling or something, or it was during the part where I slid down a snowy hill on my butt).  I'm sorry, but some nerdy part of me finds all that info SO cool.
També tinc un Garmin GPS rellotge, molt guia (gràcies M i D), per això si cliqués aquí, pots veure tot.  (el rapidesa màxim?  Havia de ser caient o quan estava baixant un tros de neu al cul)  Un part de mi trobo tot aquesta informació TAN guia.


Beth said...

You have developed a new addiction – one of the best kind – it’s healthy, invigorating, you meet new people and it takes place amongst the beauty of nature.
What’s next? :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice :). Maybe you should have brought Chuck with you ;)

Helen said...

Fabulous pictures! You are now officially superwoman I think. The GPS info thing is brill! Beats a dodgy pedometer.

thecatalanway said...

Well I never - there is no stopping you! What a beautiful place. What godawful hour did you have to get up? I am going to bed now(9.30) so that I can be ready early tomorrow. I hope you are seeing it as a rest day!!!

Just noticed you have Sebald as a TB Read. I absolutely loved Rings of Saturn. Might even read it again to keep you company. K xx

oreneta said...

Totally addicted!!!! L'Olla de Núria...wait and see! Well, that's the next big one, some little ones should happen too.

I think not, not sure how he'd hold up at altitude, I'd have to try on a shorter trip first.

GPS is SUPER cool...totally fun.

The hour was godawful, we met at 5:30 am, which meant I got up at 4:40 to have time to do my business, but woke at 3:45 and dozed from there...urgh. I may pick up the Sebald when I get to TO, I'll let you know and we can read it together! That'd be nice.