Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swimming in the SEA!!!!

Ohhh, I have to say that one of the great things about living here is the chance to go and swim in the sea.
Haig de dir, que un dels plaers més gran de vivent aquí és l'oportunitat d'anar a nadar al mar.

Honestly, going to swim in the Med is one of the great joys of my life here.
Veritablament, anent a nadar al Med és un dels alegries més important quan penso de vivir aquí.

I've swum in Empordà a month ago, and even by my Canadian standards, it was a little chilly.  Then swimming again more recently....chilly getting in, but warm enough to stay there quite a while.  Also pleasant cause most of the Catalans view it as far toooooo cold to swim yet, so it's not exactly congested with people.
Aquest any he nadat en Empordà, el mes passat, i fins i tot amb les meves experiencies canadenques, feia fred.  Llavors, he anat a nadar més aviat, una mica fred a l'hora d'entra l'aigua, però bastant calin que pots quedar allà per una estona.  Un altre advantatge és que la majoria dels Catalans pensen que encara fa massa fred per nadar, per tant, no hi ha gens de aglomeració.

Love it. Me l'encanta.

I think I want to bring my bike next year.  Have to see at the end of the summer.  Em sembla que portarè la meva bicicleta aquí per l'any que ve.  Hauré de mirar al final de l'estiu.


Helen said...

I am NOT tempted to go into the sea here until it gets to over 70F - the Atlantic is way too chilly. Wish it was the Med

thecatalanway said...

Oh yes lovely! I swam yesterday at Llança and it was warm. Or warm enough for a Scottish person and dog. Hoping to get back in tomorrow.

Glad you got a chance to go down there.

A wave from Emporda! kxx

oreneta said...

Helen...BRRRR!!! Me neither!!!!

kate, it is warm enough for our northern blood, no? WAVES BACK!