Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have (finally) gotten to the stage where I can run and run and run and not have to stop cause something is hurting a lot, or I am desperately out of breath, or I am bored.  (It took long enough!)
He arribat al pas quan puc córrer i continua corrent sense parant perquè un part em fa mal, o estic ofegant o m'avorreixo.  (trigava bastant!)

Minor comments on today's run.  Running downhill makes you feel like an Olympian.  Running on the flat is boooooring (on streets).  Running uphill hurts but makes you feel tough.  Having a couple of swims in the Med in the middle of all this makes you feel like life is pretty darned good.
Unes comentaries sobre l'esforç d'avui:  Baixant corrent, em sento com una Olímpíc.  Quan està pla, em sento molt avorrida, Pujant fa mal, però em sento forta.  Anar a nadar al Med entremig de tot, em sento com la vida està molt bé.


sam said...

except for the running part that sounds great! LOL! I have a hard time running,like you said - everything hurts, in my case everything bounces... : )Good for you!

oreneta said...

hehehehehehe, I hated running for many many years, but have only recently gotten into it.....and only in the last couple of days felt any ability at is cheap and easily has that going for it, especially if it takes me to the sea!