Tuesday, December 18, 2007



headache, shivery and sweaty, my eyes hurt, my throat hurts....

weak and tired.

They took one look at me at school and sent me home.

I'm going to bed.

I don't know when I am going to be back on the air here...

We'll see.


Hope you're all doing well.


Angel said...

Rocky!!! take care of yourself...get that Man and Those Kids to baby you like crazy...

Mother Theresa said...

Get better soon. I've been sick too, and now I'm finally catching up on my favorite blogs before I leave for the holidays.

Nomad Paints said...

Hope you are feeling better...


Big hug, a mental cup of hot tea and a big pot of nice warm soup!!

Love... me!

Anonymous said...

Drink lots of fresh juice and hot teas and let everyone baby YOU for a change. GM

Beth said...

Oh, I feel so badly for you!
Such a terrible time of year to be sick.
Take care of yourself - better yet, have everyone else take care of you.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. After yesterday, it is no wonder you didn't feel well today.

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better! Drink lots of liquids, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...


Take all the time you need to get yourself better.

LOL @ nomad - Mental cup of tea?

Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon. You could always try my dad's surefire cure for getting better....Rum and Honey. But you have to mix it right...you drink the rum and take your honey to bed :-)))

Beth said...

Just checking in again to say I hope you're getting better. When "Oreneta" doesn't post, she's definitely not feeling well.
Take it easy. (I know, I know, easier said than done.)

oreneta said...

Beth: They didn't need to baby me, just pretend I wasn't there...Mom's a sleepin'

Theresa, I'm working on it, where are you off to?

Nomad: The man made soup two days running, how good is that?

GM, Sleeeeep, and soup and tea....I simply backed out of life is the fact of the matter.

Beth, it's never a good time to be sick, this actually could be worse, I finished the shopping and we don't have to leave yet...still stinky though.

Dawn, sometimes you just get nailed, eh?

DD, thanks hombre.

Sirdar, silly me, I was having warm ginger tea with honey...take ginger root, peel it, chop it, put it in water and boil it for a while, then add honey...soo good.

Beth, thanks indeed, I am reappearing albeit at a grandmotherly pace.

Angel said...

Happy New Year Rocky!!!

Miss you but I hope you're having a great time!