Monday, December 17, 2007

To the moon!

OMG what a day, Catalan class, Xmas shopping, Catalan oral practice, pick up the kids, do groceries,, painting class, then a end of season party in the local bar with the painting class, then more Catalan practice with another neighbour...this girls head is spinning, it's eleven thirty, I have to teach more classes every week now and probably give up the painting class and I am kinda bummed about that.

Time for bed.

Sorry for the poopy post,

OH! In Catalan class today, as an oral exercise we had to decide who would be the most likely candidate for an astronaut....yours truly got the nod!


Oh again, and ever so slightly later....a dear friend whose birthday is today gave me a gift! On the weekend she went over to the boat yard where our beloved Oreneta is stored and took photos of her which made me almost cry with happiness....if you head over the her blog here you can see a couple of pics of our darling boat/home/love on the hard. She looks OK, a little gritty, but fine. Such a relief.


Beth said...

Hey, what the heck happened? I thought things were going to work out so that you would have more time to paint!

Off to check out Oreneta...

oreneta said...

Beth, mat leave...that is the problem. Not mine thankfully, but still it is eating my life up.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about your busy day. The Oreneta is very pretty. Congratulations on your nomination of most likely to go to the moon.

Anonymous said...

I hope they didn't choose you as the potential astronaut because you are a Space Cadet :-)))

Nice pictures of the boat. Must have been quite the adventure.