Thursday, December 13, 2007

Toto, we're not in Canada anymore....

These are things that make me realise that I am not in the culture I grew up in anymore....

One of the garbage men that comes past our place sings flamenco. Loudly. No kidding.

The Marquis that lives in the castle behind our house (now there is something that makes me feel like I'm not in Canada anymore as well, eh? How many Canucks have a castle in their backyard with a real live Marquis in it?) anyway, said Marquis (or one of his minions/serfs) was playing Olivia Newton John singing 'Summer Love' from Grease. That is weird enough in itself, but when is the last time you heard that anywhere in the States or Canada?

The Marquis was serenading me while I was breaking a sweat hanging up my laundry in shirt sleeves on the terrace in, get this, DECEMBER!!!! Woah Toto, something strange is going on here!

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, Theresa from The Rain in Spain very kindly gave/rewarded me with the button you see at the top of the page. Now that makes me happy. I am not sure I entirely qualify, but unless your an Olympic Gold Medalist I suppose you always think there is someone out there brighter, faster stronger, smarter or more worldly that you are.

That said, I have travelled a wee bit, and so it does feel good.

It also makes me wonder what constitutes a woman of the world...or man of the world or child, or I suppose even dog or cat, but lets not go there m'kay?

Can you be worldly without having travelled much? Is it purely a question of stamps in the passport, which is in fact now archaic as well as so few countries bother with visas and passport stamps the way they used to.

I also know some people who are very widely travelled yet remain, shall we say, provincial in their thinking, world view and outlook.

Certainly, I think it is easier to be worldly, or a woman of the world if you have seen a bit of it beyond your own front step, but I am not sure that it is an absolute requirement.

So, what goes into being worldly? I am NOT going to trot out some dictionary definition, like in all those reports that people did in high school...though if you google it, the number one and two sites are faintly alarming...s*nta's n*ughty h*lpers rise again...or....well....whatever.....

For me - and since this is my blog, however worldly, I get to trot out my opinions - it has to do with wisdom, long-sightedness (not literally) and an ability to think beyond the range of your footprint (possibly literally). Hopefully to be able to think about and empathise with people beyond your own doorstep, culture or neck of the wood.

Certainly, some people have managed this by going out and seeing what it is like in other parts of the world, but even within most hometowns there are people living in very different worlds. Heck, my family travels around this little village in a very Anglo little world...we are certainly living differently than our neighbours.

Indeed some writers and painters and artists who have provided profound insights into humanity and the human condition have not moved more than 100 miles from their birthplace.

So, in honour of folks who can look beyond themselves, their accustomed way of thinking, their own culture and beliefs and see that others can be correct, that they have valuable contributions to make and are worth knowing and loving, and who recognise that there is more than one way of doing EVERYTHING, I would like to pass this on

to Bullwinkle for her always humorous look on life, heck she even has a soft spot for Britney....but really, there is a woman who cares.

To Books Beth because she is always empathetic even when she has crap of her own to deal with...and she is funny too. Not sweet though. A little edgier than that, and that is a compliment.

To Nomad who has travelled a lot, but has always been fascinated about the world around her, and that is one of the things I love most about this is getting soppy, and

to Trish who I have only sort of met once in person, but I peed in her backyard really....I hope she can forgive me, and who has been to NY more recently than anyone I know....but who is also a thoughtful person who seems to be working her way through life with an eye to what is beyond herself.

Women of the world.


Seriously, what do you think constitutes a woman of the world...please leave a comment about this, I am curious.


Anonymous said...

GAK!, well I might return the favour one day LOL.

An award!? Cool *blush* thank you for thinking of me. And congratulations to you for receiving it - very deserved!

Beth said...

What an incredible post. Your way of thinking and your writing are amazing.
I am so touched that you passed this award along to me.
I'm going to save my answer as to what constitutes a woman of the world for when I post about this.
And I don't think anyone can beat your definition - it encompasses so much!
You certainly deserve the award.

Angel said...

aw shucks Rocky...thank you! I'm a "woman of the world" huh? Does that mean I've "been around the block a few times"? HA!

Really, thanks rock!!!

Now, what do I think makes a woman of the world?..hmmmm.....I gotta think about that one.

Anonymous said...

We may not have a castle in the back of our yard...but we do have a castle in our subdivision :-)

There are Castles in Canada

Woman of the World. To me it is someone who makes a difference in the world...someone who champions a cause for the good of the world.

Nomad said...

Oreneta, thanks so very very much for the kind words and thoughts!. I too love your definition!!

I am not so sure I am a woman of the world, right now I seem to be a woman of the kitchen...and the laundry...

Just kidding.

Not really.

Gosh I think it would be very cool to put this on my side bar too...and gosh, well just likley one of the nicest things anyone has ever done!!

Big hug!!

oreneta said...

Trish: Now I've given you two very special awards? No?

Beth: Thank you very much....and right back at you. Looking forward to your post.

Beth: I handn't thought of it that way, but you may just be right....?

Sirdar: I've got to check out that site...thanks.

Nomad: Seems that even women of the world have to do laundry too, dang it.

Mother Theresa said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to come around and read this, but it has been hectic around here with a sick hubby, then me, and Christmas shopping, etc. Great job, now I'll check out some of the people you nominated.

elPadawan said...

very nice post. Do you miss Canada?

About what defines citizens of the world, I'd say that it's a combination of travel and open-mindedness.

It can be something related to the way you've been raised, too. I don't know if I'd qualify for the title of "citizen of the world", but I definitely think that I'm at least "citizen of nowhere in particular anymore". That's a start ;).

I've travelled since I was little, and grew up in an environment where I had to be aware that the world wasn't limited to just France. And I've always liked discovering new countries, new cultures... I don't feel French. I don't miss France either. And I don't feel Canadian either. But I like bits of everywhere I went, building myself as I travel, inspired by all these many cultures.

But perhaps I'm just looking for myself...