Sunday, March 21, 2010

anarchistic teachers

That means what you might think it means, "All the sh*t has left from within our organisation"  Gotta love the Catalans.  You don't hear Canadian politicians being quite so, ahhhh, clear with their message, no?  They removed all the 'dirty players' and are ready to move forward again, no enemies in the ranks.

It is an independentist group that LaPorte, who is currently head of Barça, will most likely be joining when he leaves that post in June (I think). 

Near idyllic weekend in many ways, well chiefly because we had yummy food and because I had  a lovely nap both days and got to read a lot!

Blogger is strangely double-spacing this post, how odd.

You know how doctors are supposed to make the worst patients?  I think possibly teachers make the worst students.  I have a high level course for professional English teachers, and they don't do the homework, they don't even read the assignments some of them.  One does. The second last time didn't do the homework, which was reading a book and doing a presentation and this time, when they were only supposed to have read half the book, finished it and then told everyone the ending!  The third student some of the homework last time, in that she read the book, but nothing this time.....and never reads the assignments, or does them of course.

Most anarchistic lot, so I have given it over to them and asked them to read whatever they like but to let me know what it is, which means I have to read all of the books this month.  Good gracious.  Good thing I'm a fast reader too!

Let's hope they pick good books!


J.G. said...

Could these be the same people who go ballistic when their students don't do the assignments? Very amusing. I am eager to hear if their self-directed reading is any better.

Meanwhile, I am thinking this is a new variation on that old proverb about the cobbler's children never having any shoes.

Glad your weekend was good, at least!

oreneta said...

JG, there has got to be a fundamental truth in all those sayings, no? Cobbler's kids and doctors as patients. The teachers? They know how far they can go and what I can and cannot do about it (very little) so, they do as they please. Great peaceful weekend. Thanks