Saturday, March 6, 2010


We were in Barcelona today and there were super fit fast looking folks everywhere.  You see, tomorrow is the Barcelona marathon, and while it does not draw as many runners as the New York or Boston marathon, it was still apparent that something was up.

Some folks looked sturdy, some very very small and very very fast.  Some looked happy, most at ease.

There were a lot of them.

What I want to know though is this.

Why do serious runners, the men that is, all have to have their hair shaved off to nearly military lengths.  Indeed, possibly shorter.  Some of those guys would make moss look wildly extravagant.  

I don't get it.  

You don't see women doing it.  Swimmers tend to shave their heads, but the friction and resistance issue is exponentially different in water.  Bicyclists do their legs, which may make them feel fast but which I always assumed had to do with getting cleaned up from road rash.

Runners rarely get road rash on the tops of their heads.

Is it some kind of macho runner thing?




The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hmm, well the best I can offer, as a former runner, is maybe they don't like lanks of sweaty hair hanging in their face. When I used to run I kept my hair long so I could pull it back in an elastic and I would still wear a headband to scoop up the shorter side pieces. Pieces of sweaty hair flip flopping around can be distracting. Having never run a marathon, I can only image what it would feel like to be pushing one piece of hair back over and over again. Maybe it's all a style thing now though. Bald is supposed to be beautiful, isn't it?

Lynda said...

I figure it is the comfort and coolness, no? I know that I can feel almost murderous when hair keeps getting in my eyes when I am on the treadmill..

PS really love the dragonfly - lilly watercolour... gorgeous!

J.G. said...

Besides the obvious sweat and cleanliness factors, I wonder if it has something to do with paring down to the essentials. Distance runners strike me as serious minimalists.

Beth said...

Or is it just men with such short hair who love to run? Kidding... ;)
Haven't a clue.

oreneta said...

Bodhi, solid point....the lank sweaty hair in the face, I have to say that at the actual marathon there was a good deal more variation in the hair than at the show.

Lynda, thank you for liking a painting...

JG, that may be an element too, though there is a were quite a few people sporting some pretty fancy racing equipment, not the winners though.

Beth...could be!!!! I didn't have a clue either, now I have a couple.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Idon't know. It's not so much the short hair that strikes me. It's the really tight shorts.