Sunday, March 28, 2010

BCN the Beautiful.

Lovely having people over, you do things you wouldn't otherwise do...went to park Güell and then to the Hard Rock Cafe which I had never visited before.  A slice and a half of N American culture...the food was straight out of what I was used to, on the whole.

Then we lucked out.  We had a bit of extra time so we went for a wander and came across the Cathedral, open, for free!!!!  Nothing like visiting on Palm Sunday for finding the church open.  It is lovely and grand inside.  Sadly I didn't bring my camera. (once again smacking myself on the head).  I thought we would be doing things I had done before and it wouldn't be worth the hassle.  NOT!

We walked down through BCN from the park, a million beautiful architectural details.  Honestly, I have to go and do that again and just take photos.   We came to a plaça where there was music and a big group of people dancing, all doing jive!  It was wonderful.  We were pretty sure that they were a club as they were all much the same age and they were all pretty good.  Also no purses in evidence so there was some kind of a system.

Lovely lovely day...I even got in a longish nap!

Reality asserts itself when one has to unplug the bathroom drain and all, but still.  Lovely overall.


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Whew, I just got caught up with your adventures in Spain! Sounds like BCN was wonderful and so glad you have visitors. We are working out details for family to visit this summer. It sure us nice to have guests when you are in a new country, eh? Enjoy!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Jive and a nap....sweet! Sounds like fun.

Never, ever leave your camera at home, woman.

Beth said...

Reality – i.e. unplugging bathroom drains, etc. - will ALWAYS be around – that’s why we appreciate those lovely days so much!
Glad you had one. :)