Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunshine and dogfights.

What an utterly perfect day.

Painting, walked in the mountains and read there for a few hours - La Lacuna, Barbara Kingsoliver -  beautiful sunshine and warmth, I was sitting in in a tank top.  Chuck yawned and groaned in boredom and sprayed me with dirt as he dug down to cooler soil.  Retribution for my inaction.

On the way home Chuck definitively won a dog fight.  A loose boxer whose owners didn't come around the corner quickly enough.  I let his Chuckiness loose as things warmed up, it's easier to fight without a rope around your neck.  Great growling and snapping and then they pulled their dog off.  I've broken off a dog fight or two, but this bruiser was big and the aggressor.  Then I got Chuck who wasn't quite ready to finish the rumble when the other guy was leashed.  Bellowed at the owners for good measure.

Got him home and looked for cuts, there was blood, but seems that none of it was his.

Way to go Chucky!!!

Back to some more painting!

Think we may go out for burgers for dinner, just to cap it all off.

Goodness I love sunshine and warmth.


Beth said...

Dog fights scare the be-jeesus out of me – and we’ve had our fair share at the cottages with all the assorted dogs. Even the best of doggie friends get pissed off at one another over food – or – if one dog happens to walk/step over another. That’s a big no-no in the dog world. Splashing water at the fighting duo usually helps put an end to the aggression.
Glad Chuck won!

mmichele said...

Way to show the bully, Chuck.

Boo and Trev said...

Dog fights do put me off getting another dog.
I have to ask what do you mean by a tank top. To me it is a garish sleevless pullover that was tragically fashionable in my teenage years (the 70s) I suspect you mean something different?

swenglishexpat said...

You had quite a day. The title sounds almost like a forgotten novel by Hemingway! ;-)

oreneta said...

I am getting used to them, but it is a drag....

Mmichele, I was pretty impressed actually, he's usually such a wimp.

Boo and Trev, Hmmm, its made by Jockey, sleeveless and tight undershirt. One of these, kinda:

Swenglishexpat, well, I suppose that's good.