Thursday, March 4, 2010


A friend came back from getting squished and was telling me about it.

She put the palms of her two hands laterally across the front of her cr*tch and pushed them together while growling out, "If it were men, they'd find another way."

True, no?


Teacher Mommy said...


You're SO right. Or rather, she is.

Beth said...

The last time I had my yearly mammogram the technician told me that men have them too. Hadn't thought of that scenario. And that amount of squishing would really, really hurt.

I actually don't find mammograms particularly painful. My size? Some great technicians at the clinic?

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

OK, just thinking of the Mens version gives me the willies!

Actually, our new DR is a woman and when she has to do the rather embarrassing male exams, so to speak, my courage comes from thinking that if women have to put up with male Dr's poking and prodding all over then I guess I can just butch it up and handle the exam in a dignified manner.

Boo and Trev said...

I think it was Helen telling me that she knew somebody who was having a mammogram in one of those mobile units and there was a power cut so she was trapped in the jaws of the machine until they could get the power going

J.G. said...

Not a pain issue with me, either, but I still procrastinate about it . . . I think I can only blame laziness.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

True. Same goes for the whole stirrup thing thing. There must be a better way.

oreneta said...

Teacher mommy, I truly believe it, if men had to have something like that done every year, there would be a better way.

Beth, wait, men have mammograms? Breast cancer in men is possible, but down there? Nut-o-grams?

Doug, Love ya...butch it up...I should do that sometimes to I think.

Boo, I am never ever ever going to go and have another mammogram done now. Never.

Jg, it just isn't pleasant at all.

Hula. My doc in Canada doesn't use stirrups, I have to admit that I had never used them in my entire life, including when I birthed my kids till I got here where they are still all the rage.....

Lynda said...

Do you remember I blogged about having a mammogram in Cairo? What I didn't mention was the weird comment from the dr at the end. I asked him if everything was ok. His reply:
"Yes, everyting have very beautiful breasts".
My friend (handholder) and I looked at each other in horror... so yuk! I am sure it was a language thing.. but it was yuk!

Beth said...

I was referring to men having mammograms for breast cancer - haven't a clue as to nut-o-grams!
Ouch, huh? I surmise... ;)

oreneta said...

Lynda, yes I do....I did forget about the beautiful breast comment. *shudder*

Beth, nut-o-grams would definitely lead to the development of another system, that was my point.