Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have a perpetual and chronic problem here with people asking me at the most inappropriate and unprofessional times if I could teach their kids/themselves English outside of where I work, cause it would cost less, or cause they don't like my workplace (where I am really very happy).

First.  I work there, so if you don't like it, what are you saying?

Second, pay me what you'd pay them, no?

Third, do you think I adore you/your kids so very very much that I would want to break my contract and jeopardise my job for them?  I barely know you!

The ones that really bite me are the folks who ask me when I am asking them for professional work, like yesterday's architect.

The ones I really get a good hate on for though are people who basically ignore me completely, sometimes quite rudely and then ask.   Two different mothers on Youngest's basketball team who never. speak. to. me.  -which is quite impressively rude in a small town- and then have the unmitigated cojones to ask me to teach their kids.  After I say no, they go back to the silent treatment.

Cows.  Wasn't that polite?  May they someday be immigrants in another place and folks treat them that way.

The best story though?  The very best?  A co-teacher was at the gynocologists.  Yup, feet up in the stirrups.  The doctor looks up from, well, from what she was doing and opens that conversation, "You teach English don't you?  Could you help my daughter......."


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Gulp. Some people have poor timing.

Beth said...

This reminds me that when asked, “Could you do me a favour?” I now reply, “It depends on what it is.”
Gone are the days I used to say, “Sure.”
A lesson that was a long time learning… ;)

Anonymous said...

I suggest you have some business cards printed up with the school info on it and hand to anyone who asks
Sea Dog

mmichele said...

Will you teach me Catalan? Just like, for a few hours per week. Just once a week. Or so.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Feet in the stirrups = captive audience??? OY!
You just stick to your guns and keep those suckers well oiled and loaded.
May the force be with you.

oreneta said...

Hula, some people have a real misunderstanding of professional behaviour.

Beth, I've been saying maybe for a while, but I am good at no. Keeps me sane.

Seadog, that would cost me cash.....

Mmichele, tell you what, you teach me cooking as a trade, m'kay?

Doug, I would have gotten a sudden reflexive jerk in my foot, might have landed, sadly, on the doc. Ya know what I mean?

Lynda said...

Hmm should I be concerned that NOBODY has asked me to teach them English here? In fact, the one time a parent mentioned their older child was having some problems I actually offered to help - but never heard anything until the report cards came home and the sister told me she had scored a 4 (that is a D) in English. Perhaps the Germans are prouder than the Spanish? Or maybe my English is scary...