Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good news, bad news!

OK, Good news should always come first, I think.  Back when I was in some coaching seminar they taught us a great trick.  They called it the sh*t sandwich. First the bread (that would be the good news) then the sh*t - I imagine you're following me here - then the other piece of bread.  Seems a pretty bland sandwich, I mean really, where's the tomatoes and cheese and lettuce and all that good stuff????

Well, GOOD NEWS!  We have visitors coming on Thursday and it should be a WHOLE lot of fun.

Bad news, the man got laid off today.  One of fourteen all at the same time.  More than half the workforce.  Not unexpected, but still fairly unpleasant all around.

GOOD NEWS!  Three more days till the holidays and I have a week off!  With family here!!! TRIPLE SWEET!!!!

Um, OK, I'll lay the lettuce and cheese and mustard and all that over here.....

I got interviewed by the grade 5 and 6s about my life as an immigrant here.  It was fairly amusing overall, and they asked some great questions.  Why did we come (opportunity, adventure and heritage), what do I miss (one word answer this, friends), what is difficult (language and isolation - I did no begin a rant about bureaucracy), what was great (way of life) blah blah blah.....nice group of kids.  I commented several times that our experience as immigrants is not typical of immigrants who might be political or economic refugees, but it seems the teachers had already covered a fair amount of that.

They commented on how bad my Catalan is. (not to my face) *ho hum*  Mouths of babes and all that.

Walked in the hills and felt utterly happy.  Good-ness.  

I have been under the weather since Friday and the anti-biotics have FINALLY kicked in, well, they changed them on Sunday and I feel GOOD.  Indeed I felt like walking which was wonderful too.  On Saturday all I could do was stagger to the beginnings of the hill and sit on a rock while the dog romped and Eldest nagged.  Napped long and hard both days so feeling good today is more than good.  So I guess that would be a good news (feeling good, meds working)/bad news (getting ill) thing combined.

The man and I had Catalan class and he sucked was challenged by the rules for accents.  I was challenged by sucked at recognising and pronouncing vowel sounds in Catalan.   

Guess most things are good and bad, no?


Anonymous said...

Love you "a canvas a day slide show". MADE MY DAY.
Shall keep my fingers crossed the man finds a new job. GM

Boo and Trev said...

Sorry to hear about the redundancy.Hope something good turns up soon.

kate said...

Oh dear, me too. (And I also hope you get the burocratic stuff sorted ASAP too.) Fingers crossed!

oreneta said...

Gm, thank you...on both counts.

Boo and Trev, redundancy isn't quite accurate, outsourcing is part of it, economic downturn is another and they got gov't money to remachine the place so there could be even fewer employees. ho hum. I hope something turns up soon too, though he is still in fact working and will be until the negotiations are completed.

Kate. Dear me indeed. Blech. I hope it all winds up pretty soon too.

Lynda said...

One door closes...another opens ... you know the drill. Have to admit that I thought the Dubai debarcle was the most miserable time possible - but in the end, we are much happier (although less well paid). Still, never fun.

I had dinner last week with a English man that lives in your neck of the woods and he was telling wonderful tales about cooking vast quantitites of spring onions on bbq's... sounded delicious!

Beth said...

I haven't been keeping up with the blog-world lately and decided to catch up a bit last night.
I'm SO sorry about the layoffs- that completely sucks for your guy, your family, the 13 other folks and their families.
My fingers are crossed that it will all come out well in the end...
A canvas a day? You are so ambitious and hard-working. You go, girl!

oreneta said...

Lynda, That's what we're thinking, one door opens, though it still rather sucks. We're having springonions on the barbi tonight or tomorrow night!!! Weee.

Beth, Any crossed fingers sinderely appreciated. You should have seen last night's canvas, done at 11:30 pm, in the dark, on my knee with a lousy brush and no inspiration. I may not post it. The horror.