Monday, June 8, 2009

guests and pillows.

Seems we have all the wrong kind of friends and family.

When Nomad came I had to go and buy a new pillow.

We used to have nine pillows and nine pillow cases.

Then there were eight. I discovered this some time last fall. I was a little puzzled, but thought the kids might have used one for some game and they would turn up somewhere or other, I mean really! A big fat pillow for a bed and it's case, they just don't get lost that easily.

As I made up beds for Nomad and family, I discovered there were only seven.

Seven pillows and seven pillow cases.

I bought a new pillow for the living room. Things in my life must do double duty, or be used full time. I didn't get another pillow case. For what it is worth, a t-shirt slips over quite neatly and works darned well.

If you discover you have got one of our pillows... I offer no amnesty, instead view it as a gift and treat it well. Hope it likes it's new home. I will be counting the pillows when guests leave in future though.... ;-)))

The silver still seems to be here anyway.


Boo and Trev said...

Sure it wasn't anything to do with himself below with a biscuit balanced on his nose? BTW you should talk to Adam about that trick - he got Saffy to do it

Anonymous said...

put GPS transmitters in your pillows.

J.G. said...

Large items like pillows don't usually disappear like that. How strange!

Have you tried, "If I was a pillow, where would I be?" Sometimes it works for me.

Clark said...

Here's my suggestion: Start looking for the lost mates to your socks. If you can find them, you'll probably find where the pillows are hiding, too.

oreneta said...

My honest suspicion is that they have gotten packed home by little girls on sleep-overs and are mystifying their mothers by their appearance as much as me by their disappearance.

ElP, a very practical suggestion....I will look into that! Maybe one for the dingy, and embed one in Eldest as well.

JG, I have indeed, along with, "If I were a grade school kid, where would I put one?"

CS...THERE's an idea!!!! Under eldest's bed, and in with the dust/Chuck bunnies in the corners. Some of those dust bunnies are big enough, they could be hiding a pillow or two!