Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Warning, slightly gorey post....feel free to skip it.

Here, for your edification, I provide you with a really gross photo of the cut that is healing on the bottom of my toe.

I did it on the escalator of a large store, and bled quite a bit. Pooling in the shoe and all that.

Now I am not telling you all this grossness just to make your morning a little uneasy, I am telling you this because it was one of those "we're not in Kansas anymore" moments.

You see I had just been talking to one of the helpful sales ladies who was doing her best impression of a Walmart greeter...we had a little conversation, and then I hopped onto the elevator, slicing my toe open. She was still standing right there, watching me.

I stumbled on the step, swore, said ow, slipped off the shoe, looked at the not unimpressive blood I was producing, rolled the skin back into place (sorry about that) and stumbled off the elevator walking across their plush long furred carpets for sale for countless Euros while blood pooled in my sandal.

Ok, I am sorry, I know that was gross, but what I found amazing was that NO ONE, not a soul said anything to me, not one of the staff said a thing, no one offered a band aid, asked if I was OK, nothing at all. Didn't even ask me to get off the carpets lest I bleed on them...not worried about law suits here, let me tell you. Buyer beware at an all new level.

Go ahead, bleed all over the store, we don't mind.


With the all new heightened awareness of lawsuits and the concept of customer service, I think that SOMEONE would have come over and spoken to me if this had happened in Canada. I would certainly have been offered a band aid if nothing else.

The farmàcia I managed to find was very helpful, sold me what I needed to get the situation under control, let me clean up and bandage up the gore right there in the middle of their store and even, unsolicited mind you, brought me some gauze to help organise the operation. Still not up to our local farmàcia where the ladies applied the bandages themselves, but still.....

Not in Kansas anymore Toto.


Beth said...

Never mind customer service – you’d think someone might have shown some concern and offered help out of human kindness!
Infections on the bottom of the foot are brutal to heal – to me, yours is looking good.

hooray said...

OUCH! I'm bummed to hear that no one offered to help. I wonder what holds people back! Makes no sense to me that people are more helpful!

I hope it heals quickly and smoothly!

hooray said...

aren't more helpful! oops!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

That's one of the reasons why I love the part of the US I live in. Folks here will bend over backwards to help a stranger with this kind of thing.

swenglishexpat said...

I have always wanted to know what happens if you don't step off the escalator, but just keep going. Now I know. Ouch!! :-(

Hope it's completely gone now.