Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poster girl

That's it.

It's official.

I am now THE poster girl for the coffee mug safety association.

I just need to start the association up.

After five stitches in my thumb a few years ago from washing a mug....and slashing my hand on the broken handle...FYI: the glaze? It's glass. It cuts like glass too.

Well this weekend, while washing literally a wheelbarrow full of dishes, I managed to slash the webbing between my baby finger and the ring finger next to it. The cut is maybe an inch long running palm to the back of my hand. No pumpers though, so I didn't go off to the hospital this time, I duct taped my fingers together and got on with the job. I may tape them together again tomorrow, as it is getting sore with all this air and dryness.


The boat?

That SO ruled.

Like we'd never left. The kids kept saying she seemed smaller. Well, they've grown a little in the last three years.

She was some filthy....All I did was clean and clean and clean and clean....

Gosh my bed is comfy on that boat.


Very, very little breakage from the trip up, one mug and a bottle of vinegar is all we've found so far. More from time, sun and moisture. New curtains, awnings, paint, one bit of upholsterey is badly mildewed...

Whatever, almost nothing.

So incredibly sweet to see her again, even if there was a TON of work to do and there is still a ton more. If I can just get the systems operational...we've got beds and space, gotta get the galley into shape now.....and the head.

Looking into composting toilets....

Homework time!


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS - you sound better already. Let the good times roll!GM

Beth said...

"Boo" for the slashed hand, but "Hooray" for the boat!

It sounds like you are really having a great time. I'm so NOT a boat person, but I do know how it is to be SO psyched up and into something.

Clark said...

Wear latex gloves from now on!

Angel said...

sorry about your hand...and YAY to the gloves! ;)

and the boat? oh how your tone of voice changes when you talk about her. I think ya'll need to get away on that boat for a while.....

Carla said...

Bummer on the hand accident, C!

So happy to hear you are back on the boat- and that the boat is now partway clean.

Btw, I showed my husband "Good Old Boat" magazine and he loved it! He was happy to see that not every boat costs 500K! LOL

Btw, at the Brewfest, one of my son's high school friends was with our group. He lives and works in Barcelona now, so I told him about you. Small world!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Nice when it turns out things are better than you worried they might be. Yikes on the hand cut. Yes, glaze is a b**ch, just as sharp as glass but can be invisible. What's with the wheelbarrow of dishes? A big jamboree?

Xavier Macia said...
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oreneta said...

GM, Yes indeed!

Beth, the slashed hand does suck, but it is getting better, the boat is also getting better, so that is certainly good.

CS, yes sir. A good idea in fact, my hands felt horrid after all that.

Beth, we've got a couple of weeks planned for the summer!

Carla, that is EXACTLY what I love about that mag, the others are so depressing...the boats are so ridiculously expensive it seems impossible, even when I know better.

Bodhi, it is amazing how many dishes you have, even on a small boat if you have to take every single thing out, tupperware, knives, forks, EVERYTHING, out and wash it. Filled a wheelbarrow.

I even had to wash the spice jars. A TON of stuff.

Terrie said...

Hey There
As you know we are getting a new galley on Wahine! YAH When I packed the kitchen stuff up to put in storage it filled my entire pickup truck. And it all needs to be washed. Wanna come for a visit?

hooray said...

Ouch on the hand.

Awesome about the boat! She sounds wonderful!

oreneta said...

Terrie, it is astonishing isn''t it. If we made a pile ofthe stuff on our boats, we would never, in a million years, think that it could all fit in... when are you off to Korea???? Are you there yet????

dawn said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your boat. I sympathize with your finger situation, going through stuff myself.

oreneta said...

Dawn,is your finger getting any better?