Monday, June 1, 2009


Nomad has been here this weekend, with her kids and husband and it has been so utterly delicious.

I have so loved having her, her keen open eyes, and her enthusiasm and her delight, also the brilliant interesting conversation and the time to hang with a friend I really love.


She has, single handedly, re-opened my eyes to the sheer beauty around me, and how much I love where I live. I got that, but goodness, we are so very very lucky.

It is 12:50 am, and that is all I can write.

Hope you all have had a lovely time,




hooray said...

SWEET! This made me smile!

Good friends, who bring us joy and life and open our eyes to beauty, are absolutely the BEST!

So glad you had time with a friend you love!

(I got to have time with such a friend this weekend too. It was grand!)

Beth said...

At times, observing our lives through the eyes of other people (especially our good friends who know us so well) provides us with a much-needed new perspective and appreciation for all we have.

(I'm amazed you're still capable of writing a post during this hectic, whirlwind, lovely time!)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Sometimes we just need to see things through someone else's eyes. Good frieds are good for that.

oreneta said...

She, I read your post, it does seem like we both had a fabulous weekend!

Beth, so true....and I am not really doing any brilliant posts...

Hula, good friends are good for so very very much.