Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where are we, toto? Sorry, Chuck.

I am (finally) starting to get my head around the idea that we are going very shortly...aside from the fact that I am looking into buying a house at the same time.

Went to the bank (twice), the real estate agent's, and talked to the electician/plumber/gas installer who is also a student of mine. We are meeting at the house tomorrow at 11am....I was supposed to go into BCN, but that will be put off until Thursday.

And I started the list of what I have to bring to Canada...hopefully not too late.

There has been a fundamental change at some level though, I am now bringing stuff from here to Canada, such as medicine for the kids, and the only thing I have on my list to bring back is Old Bay and English language books.....I have gone clothes shopping here as I now know better where to get what I need. Though I will be buying undies and bras there. The Love of Underwires, Thongs and the nearly Universal Absense of Cotton leave me waiting for TO on that topic.

Tide seems to be changing.

Feels a little weird.


J.G. said...

"Home" is shifting for you, sounds like. Interesting. And what fun to have a real house in Spain on the horizon!

Beth said...

Such a crazy time! It’s like you’re inhabiting two worlds at once. (Your brain is, anyway…) It will all work out. Somehow, it always does, right?

P.S. My wire to be? To be attached to my bottom four front teeth to keep them all sturdy – no more wobblies! Will show you when I (hopefully!) see you!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Underwear choices are oh-so personal, aren't they? The sensible but not granny styles - where do they sell those? I'm impressed that you are travelling with Chuck. Of course, who could leave that loveable mutt behind.

oreneta said...

JG, maybe ghosting into the edge of the horizon, and mostly because the price is so incredible.

Beth, we have to get together this summer, no? I am totally in two worlds at this point, it is a little odd.

Bodhi, underwear, yes...national preferences and all.