Friday, June 19, 2009

What a lovely way to end a week

I am not going to go into it all, but it has been JUST a little busy, what with finishing up work (done), packing to go to Canada for three months with two kids and a dog (not even begun bar the list), selling a house in Canada, and gathering info to buy one here, not to mention the decision making process, maybe more about that later, and two kids finishing school....


When youngest's basketball team suggested a trip to the beach this evening, I said a big fat YES!

We got there, we settled the bags, I changed and SPRINTED into the water.

It has been hot here, trouble sleeping at night hot....the sun hurts when it hits you hot.

That felt really, really good.

The only alarming part was when 14 primary school kids all started swimming out to me, and all of them asking if I could touch the bottom (I couldn't).

I had visions of all of us drowning.

Fortunately, none of us did.

Now I have to go shower off the salt.

Lying floating on my back staring up at the sky in the Med.

Pretty perfect end to a week.


Jason, as himself said...

Yes! Life is good for you.

Especially that part about not drowning together with 14 little kids.

But all of that hard work stuff...sounds like hard work.

Beth said...

I think you really, really needed that moment in the water just staring at the sky.

J.G. said...

Sounds lovely! Even the salt part.

And then it feels so good to be clean again after.

Anonymous said...

touching the bottom doesn't matter. It's coming back up to the surface that does ;)