Thursday, June 4, 2009


This was seriously seriously cool.

Youngest school has been studying Astronomy this year in all sorts of different ways. Can I just say that I am currently totally in love with her school and all the teachers there. They do their jobs!!!!! and more.


The school organised an excursion for the kids and their families.

There is a man in the village who has some seriously wicked this and this but they seemed bigger.

We walked up on foot (the only people to do so) and got there a little early so we would still have some light, and then we saw those telescopes, MAN those suckers are HUGE!!!!

He also had this really cool computer keyboard thing, though it looked more like a calculator that he could put waypoints into and the telescope would turn itself to find the object.

We saw the moon and it looked amazing, you could make it out in this though we could only see a fraction of it at a time, and we saw Saturn too, I made out the rings and all, it was honestly amazing. Sort of like this, though more black and white and quite a bit smaller.

Fortunately we got a lift down (from a bunch of the teachers) as we didn't leave till about 11:15 pm. You have got to love grade school excursions that go on until nearly midnight.

I love this school. Can I just mention that I wanted to keep Youngest home for the afternoon, but she didn't want to, they had - and I quote - a fun afternoon. She wants to go to school.

I am so in love.


hooray said...

It's too bad that there is such a disparity between Eldest's and Youngest's school experience. It is possible to have it be fun and good for both, and when it's not, it feels so unethical to me. Makes me mad on your behalf!

Clark said...

I'm totally fascinated by astronomy but never took it as a subject in school. If I ever returned to college to take a course just for fun, I think that would be the one.

BLOGitse said...

that moon pic is cool - i'd like to shoot pics like that my G9 is not quite enough... :)
It's great somebody likes to go to school!
Have a relaxing weekend! :)

Beth said...

Astronomy does, indeed, totally rock!

I love schools that really make an effort to use community resources to help the kids learn and still have fun. It wouldn't seem hard, but I guess it is, as it's so rare.

I'm glad Youngest is benefitting!

Anonymous said...

What a pity that Eldest is in such a bad school. What are your future options? GM

Beth said...

Perspective, it's all about perspective...the big picture/view...

What a fantastic school excursion.

J.G. said...

Somehow I never believed Saturn really had rings and the moon really had mountains and craters til I saw them myself . . . Very cool! Wish I'd seem them before college. Youngest is lucky!

oreneta said...

She, I am focusing on how good Youngest's is...and not everything about Eldest's is bad, though she won't be doing the IB program there....

CS, I agree with you, but I think I would do geology.....or or or or or

BLOGitse, I love my camera, but I don't think mine can do it either....

Beth....can't get everything...working on being happy with what is two weeks left.

GM, At this stage, no we haven't got a lot of options, and Eldest doesn't want to change schools AGAIN....we'll see what happens next year....fingers crossed.

Beth, so right...perspective is it!

JG, It is neat the things the kids get to was way way cool!

Anonymous said...

Why can't they both be in the same school?